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Vaccinate Your Child

4 Reasons Why You Should Vaccinate Your Child

Every child is vulnerable to diseases. Parents only want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their health. Their security and protection is a priority. But does…

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Steps to Relieve Hip Flexors + Other Tight Spots

Before you start self-bodywork, go into a lunge or backbend that stretch your rectus femora’s like Warrior I, Bow, or Camel Poses. Go gradually into the pose and notice when…

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Natural Skincare Products The Safest Touch Ever

Natural Skincare Products: The Safest Touch Ever

There are so many ways to apply when giving proper care on the skin. The fact that the skin is the biggest part of the body, it must be taken…

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Asthma or Bronchitis? Understand the Signs and Differences

Asthma or Bronchitis? Understand the Signs and Differences

Asthma and bronchitis have the same symptoms, but the symptoms came from different causes. Airways in both asthma and bronchitis become inflamed; making it harder for the patient to grasp…

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