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medical clinic in Bundoora

The Benefits of Finding a Good GP in Bundoora

Having a good GP means you can feel more confident about your health. The role of a GP is to advise you on your health and any specialist treatments that…

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Pelvic Floor Exercises ASolution for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Exercises: ASolution for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Although there is no doubt that exercises for the pelvic floor muscles can be very useful for women both during pregnancy and after childbirth. But what many women do not…

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The Science Behind Cosmetic Laser Treatments

The Science Behind Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Skin and cosmetic laser treatments in Melbourne¬†procedures are the development of the medical lasers specializing in cosmetic work. These are precision instruments capable of nanometer accuracy. They are ideal for…

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Senior woman in wheel chair doing physical therapy

Assessment Tools for Concussion

As the dangers of concussion are increasingly recognized, especially in sports, most are realizing that concussions should be evaluated at an early stage and that adequate follow-up care is needed….

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