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If you are a woman of child bearing age, then by now you would have had your own ups and downs with a pap smear. Though the tests normal come back normal in most cases, if an abnormal pap smears during pregnancy is detected then it would mean another round of testing along with further evaluation. It could mean something serious or there could be nothing at all as well.  Is abnormal pap a smear common during pregnancy is not something is that is not heard of during the course of pregnancy. The tests are normally administered to all the would be moms.

Pap smears during the course of pregnancy

It is suggested that it is completely safe to have a pap smear undertaken during the course of pregnancy. In most cases doctors are going to perform them it is due on the patients. When you get a pap smear undertaken during the course of pregnancy you are expected to encounter an increase in bleeding. As the cervix is more engrossed with blood at this point of time, it is a common situation for a slight amount of bleeding to accompany a Pap smear test.

An abnormal Pap smear test should not send shivers down the spine of a woman. But more often than not it should not be a case of concern among women at all. Though it could point to the presence of cancer cells, it can also indicate infection. All this points to the fact that further rounds of testing are needed.

Pregnancy and post pregnancy treatment

If it is found that you have an abnormal pap smear during pregnancy, then first and foremost your doctor will ask you to be part of colposcopy. During the course of this test, your cervix is put under magnification.  By this test, the doctor will be able to figure out the exact reasons for an abnormal pap smear and what lead to the results as well.

If the doctor is of the opinion that an abnormal pap smear did emerge from pre cancer cells, it is suggested that you wait for your pregnancy to be over so that you can undergo further testing. If it is pretty early in your pregnancy the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy so that treatment procedures can begin. If it is found in the last stages of your pregnancy, the doctor could induce labor pretty early as well so that this condition could be treated in a fairly quick manner.

To conclude, there is no risk to the baby when an abnormal cell in your cervix is found. It has to be stated that all the cells get washed away during the delivery and labor process. If the doctor is of the opinion that it does go on to pose a risk to the baby, then the doctor may ask you to opt for a C section delivery. But this form of recommendation is on the rarer side.

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