Home remedies to get rid of constipation

Home remedies to get rid of constipation ?

For a layman, the constipation is the worst situation where the whole system of the body gets disturbed. Constipation is the most common problem faced by every individual once in his/her life. Constipation has many reasons to happen, but some of the most common are lifestyle choices, food, symptoms of a disease or adverse effects of some medication. Constipation is identified when a person doesn’t get feeling for excrement as in the usual routine. There are avariety of symptoms of constipation which include discomfort when using the loo, pain in the abdomen and pain arising due to stool being hard and difficult to pass. If this situation continues, it can lead to many other diseases as well. One who suffers from constipation may also have to suffer from other diseases such as anal fishers. There are some options with the help of which one can get rid of this situation. One can go for some of the easy options at home only that can be managed easily. They are known as home remedies which are time-tested.

symptoms of constipation

Some of the natural remedies to cure constipation are mentioned below.


Lack of water in the body results in constipation as the stool will get hard. So it is advised to consume more and more water to stay hydrated. Moreover, when one is constipated, he/she should try consuming carbonated water for getting rehydrated. It is advised to drink simple carbonated water which doesn’t contain any sugar content as it would harm the health.

Eating soluble fiber

Most common advice to people suffering from constipation is to consume more fiber. Fiber increases the amount and consistency of stool movement hence they get easily passed. But it should be noted that fiber intake should be incremented up to a certain amount, and excessive increment can cause trouble. It is advisable to eat soluble fibers which are found mostly in barley, nuts, seeds, lentils, and peas. Apart from that soluble fibers are also found in fruits and vegetables. The recommended fiber intake for women is 25 grams and for men is 38 grams.

Lemon Juice and Honey

This is the best home remedy to cure constipation. Lemon helps loosen up and has the ability throw out toxins from the digestive system. Honey is basically added to help get rid of thesour taste and can work as a laxative for the digestive system. A glass of water has to be taken and warmed for few minutes, than a teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and a pinch of salt should be added. This solution shall be taken twice a day for a week to cure constipation.

Triphala Tablets

Triphala is an ayurvedic medicine made from Harad or scientifically known as black myrobalan. Triphala is available in both powdered and tablet form, but it is advisable to consume Triphala in powdered form.Triphala has three characteristic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic which is responsible for treating other digestive diseases. A spoon of Triphala powder should be mixed with water and consumed before sleeping. Nothing else shall be drank/eaten after consuming Triphala solution.

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