How Does Online Therapy Work and Why Is It Sometimes Better Than Conventional Counselling?

Usually the process of going through with therapy consists of being in an office with your therapist face to face and speaking about what is bothering you there and then. Online therapy is the complete opposite, although the goal is the same the way in which the help is applied is completely different, but why is Online Therapy sometimes better than the conventional form of counselling?

Following the paper trail

One of the best things that comes with Online Therapy is the paper trail. In this case, the paper trail is the ability to go back on previous sessions that you have had with your therapist and go over any advice that has been given.

Being able to re-read what has been said between you and your therapists enables you to keep the sessions and advice fresh and in the forefront of your mind. This is obviously quite the opposite with face to face therapy.

Here you have a session with your therapist and it may very well be successful but the fact that it has all be spoken with nothing written down (expect the notes your therapist may write in his/her book) means that what has been said can easily be forgotten. Making it easier to revert back to the mental state you was in before the session.

Totally up to you how you express yourself

Enabling you to decide how it is you communicate with your therapists lets you feel a lot more comfortable and would therefore result in a more successful session.

The ability to contact your therapist via text, email, voice chat or video call means that whatever mood you are in you can communicate based on that and you do not have to force face to face conversation.

Sometimes people do not feel the need to want to speak but are more than happy to express themselves via message. Adding this option means that people are overall more comfortable with their therapist and would hopefully end up speaking a bit more about their feelings.

Easily contactable

Another reason why Online Mental Therapy is so successful is the fact that there is not as much of a wait time for you to have a session as there is with face to face therapy.

With Online Therapy, you may have to wait a few hours or a day (if the therapist is extremely busy) for a professional to contact you back but it is nowhere near the wait time of in-office therapy.

With this you could be waiting in excess of a week to speak to someone. It is still not useful if you need instant help but if the issue is not too serious then the ease of contact and the availability of your therapist is a really good reason as to why this has become so popular and why it is so successful.


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