Identifying the Skin Condition Called Melasma

Abhorrent skin conditions can be really dreadful and surely not enjoyed by any person. The truth is how the skin appears might define the feelings of self respect and self worth in the person. One such unwanted skin condition is termed to be Melasma. The reason is because, it is considered to be an easily noticeable dark pigment present on the skin, which with time can become embarrassing like getting skin tags, acne or warts.

It is very much visible on the face and is located normally. It is harmless and problems caused to people faced with this type of skin disorder are purely psychological.

Who may get Melasma?

This is a common question that is asked by many people across the globe. The answer to this is, Melasma can be experienced by both men and women. But, around 90% of the cases tend to occur in women, with pregnant women being more susceptible to it. This is because of hormonal changes taking place in their body because of their pregnancy. Treatment of skin disorders in pregnancy is very much possible if the issue is detected much early, diagnosed and proper treatment provided.

Melasma in pregnant women

Melesma is found to dissipate within few months in pregnant women. During pregnancy, it is termed as mask of pregnancy or melasma gravidarum. This is temporary in nature and will not require any ki9nd of treatment. The person just needs to be patient, until this issue dissipates on its own.


Melasma may take place, the reason of which can be genetics. Men also are faced with this issue due to genetics. According to studies conducted, melasma occurs more in specific races. One should not be confused with age spots to be melasma, although they have similar characteristics. Normally, it occurs among older people. Using similar methods, skin blemishes can get treated effectively. Moreover, prescribed medicine for skin disorders during pregnancy helps the woman to get back her looks and beauty after delivery.

Melasma can also be developed if one takes hormone related medications or avails hormone replacement therapy. The therapy stimulating melanocytes for creation of melanin might cause melasma.

Again excess exposure to sun can lead to melasma. Sun damaged skin is likely to lead towards skin cancer also called melanocarcinoma.

Getting treatment

Melasma is found more clearly visible on fair skin. Hence, for this reason,  several treatment options have been developed by numerous companies for eliminating melasma. Hence, those who are pregnant need to take a cautious approach. They need to visit their physician prior to treating any type of health condition, including melasma. Physicians generally will prescribe their clients to leave their pregnancy caused melasma alone, since it will dissipate on its own without requiring any kind of medication. Since few treatments can be harmful to both the unborn child and the mother during pregnancy, it is safe to heed to the advice of the experienced and knowledgeable physician. Treatment for melasma is likely to vary ranging from medical to do it yourself solutions.

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