Surgery procedure depends on the type of oral cancer

Oral cancer is something which has to be treated very carefully. The treatment procedure actually depends on the stage of the illness and it definitely varies from one patient to another.

The intensity of the treatment decides the cost of oral cancer surgery in India. But before any kind of surgical procedures, knowing exactly where the illness lays us very important. Oral cancer has different stages just like other types of cancers. Also the treatment depends on factors like the general health history of a patient and their age (it also includes their past medical history). Then comes the cancer type and stage (where and at what position it lies) and according to that the treatment procedure can be decided. Not everyone has a same level of treatment tolerance. That also has to be kept in mind. Before going to any treatment process, the doctor also needs to check the risks of hidden disease in a patient.

Any disease at their early stage can be treated better and the outcome of the treatment is also fruitful. Oral cancer is also not an exception. The main way of treating a cancer patient is with surgery which can be accompanied by radiotherapy or not. The surgery is mainly done, so that the tumour tissues can be removed along with the adjacent healthy tissues so that there is a less chance of the relapsing of cancer.

  • In case of conservative resection a surgery (which is mainly done for early stages of the oral cavity) the main motto is to preserve the organ so that the surgeon can attain a good quality of life. If the cancer attack is on the tongue then some wide excision with reconstruction can be done. If the cancer is on the upper gum portion, then the maxillary bone can be removed with some prosthodentic rehabilitation.
  • Composite resection on the other hand is a very extensive surgery which is done in order to treat some advanced tumours which have grown up locally in the oral cavity. These tumours are mainly caused due to regular habits of tobacco chewing. In this procedure, the surgeon roots for removing the affected jaw adjoining the inner lining of the cheek. But the removal depends on how much the tumour has affected the area. If the cancer has affected the tongue, then the removal of the tongue is done along with the dissection of the neck if needed. But after this surgery is over, the patient needs a physiotherapist and a swallowing and speech therapist to get back to usual life.
  • If the cancer has affected the cheek bone then there is a radical maxillectomy which is done. This means, in the surgical procedure, the cheek bone or the maxilla is removed and if the adjacent skin is affected, it is also removed. The surgery has to involve the removal of tumour with the preservation if the vital nerves. This is a huge and complicated task.

Oral cancer treatment cost in India depends totally on how much the damage has been done.

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