Littmann Stethoscope

What Are The Essential Components Of A Littmann Stethoscope?

The stethoscope is used for auscultation test helping healthcare professionals listen to internal body sounds of patients. The instrument is used for doctors to hear the sounds of the heart, lung, kidneys, veins, back and arteries. Based on the sounds and any variation, a successful diagnosis is done and right course of treatment is started. Naturally, the best of stethoscopes are the one delivering great acoustic and clarity with sounds. For that reason, littmann products are always in great demand and arguably the most preferred choice for medical practitioners across the world. It’s ultimately the components that create the difference between a quality and substandard stethoscope.

Let’s look at all the essential components of a littmann stethoscope –


With littmann stethoscopes, you can expect one-sided as well as two-sided chestpiece where a tunable diaphragm in the former models whole a bell-and-diaphragm arrangement in the latter ones. Based on the model, you can find some bells to be always open while others to be shut with a tunable diaphragm. While the larger diaphragm side is fit for adult patients, the smaller one is best suited for thin patients or children.


The stem is the part connecting the device tubing to the chestpiece and giving it its shape. You can expect just one acoustic path from the diaphragm to the eartips in those littmann devices having two-side chestpieces. Physicians can rotate the two-side chestpiece on the stem to choose the diaphragm they want open to the acoustic path.

Tunable Diaphragm

Littmann Stethoscope

No other stethoscope models come fitted with tunable diaphragm as this is a feature of only the littmann brand. This is how auscultation task is made in patient a lot easier. So, clinicians just have to adjust the pressure on the chestpiece to listen to different sounds in an easy manner.


High-quality stethoscopes often come with a tubing offering superior resistance to skin oils and alcohol. They have longer shelf life and are created without using natural rubber latex, so any chance of allergy to healthcare practitioners or patients is ruled out. Plus, the double lumen tubing is a hallmark of littmann stethoscopes which are a superior version to conventional twin-tubed scopes.

Headset and ear tubes

The headset of a littmann scope will comprise two ear tubes which ensure proper fit into the ear canals. The ear tubes not only provide safety but also strength for being made of an aerospace aluminum alloy. Similarly, they are of lighter weight not causing any pain or hurt to the ears and prove a good bet for longer or extended use. It’s possible to adjust the headset tension and get individual fit and comfort.


You can buy littmann stethoscope online India and get a device fitted with eartips for safety and comfort. The ear tips are durable and soft-sealing delivering superior acoustic seal and perfect fit. You can find eartips in small or large sizes to get the right fit for your ears. This is how littmann stethoscopes help with auscultation test.

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