Why a lot of cigarette users are turning to Vape

Why a lot of cigarette users are turning to Vape

There are reasons why people embraced Vape and for what it’s worth it definitely gave the tobacco industry a scare. And why wouldn’t they be? Unlike Cigarettes, Vape has more personality and more options than what cigarettes can offer.

Vape already has a steady flow of followers that prefer vaping over smoking. It can be for art, performance, for therapy, or as an alternate option to cigarettes, to get in with the crowd or even because (let’s face it) it has more smoke that makes it picture perfect and way cooler!

Nicotine regulation: The good thing about Vape is flexibility that you can’t find in traditional cigarettes and this is in a form of “nicotine regulation”. What is Nicotine regulation? Nicotine regulation is the control on the amount of Nicotine that is being put into an E-liquid. It’s expressed as mg/mL It can be as high as 36 or 42 mg/mL. Or 0.

Why vaping and not smoking: This is the great thing about Vaping, the flexibility in your dosage thru your E liquids is something that can be used to your advantage. Especially when you try to quit and this is what marketing was in the beginning. It wasn’t even vaping, they call it e-cigs when it was first introduced and it looked like cigarettes too. E cigarettes are still around but patrons try to change it to vape when it evolved into something that is unlike a cigarette because they don’t like being associated with cigarette smoking.

E Liquids With Nicotine

Thus here we are today: A worldwide phenomenon that gave people an alternative to cigarettes. It’s not all healthy since there is still Nicotine in the E liquids and even if some E liquids have 0 nicotine the lack of research material to prove it’s safe is still on the way.

Vape for therapy: One thing is certain, it became something that people struggling from cigarette use and addiction used as a means of therapy. By taking higher doses of Nicotine at first to gradually downgrading it while getting the same amount of E liquid content is something that cigarette users can’t get in taking cigarettes. It didn’t kill the cigarette market but there was no denying that vape got their piece on the cigarette sales. They hit the market for an alternative to cigarette and a means to help cigarette users fight their nicotine addiction.

The variation and options are tempting: Unlike cigarettes, Vape has a ton of flavors to choose from. Even flavors that you can only find in candy shops like bubble gums and ice cream. The types of vape are also an assortment that is a sight for sore eyes and let’s not even go to the amount of smoke that you can get out of it. It’s like puffing a smoke from a cigar  a hundred times over, how cools is that?

The problem with vape is its popularity. Why is that a bad thing? If you are a vape person you know that not all great flavors are available. Sometimes the E liquids with Nicotine or no nicotine at all that you love are just too hard to get by or gets sold pretty easily. If you have that same problem like most vape users do, why don’t you try out www.eliquidvapebox.co.uk a unique way of providing you an E-liquid. It’s easy and you no longer have to go to vape stores ever again for your favorite dose of e liquids.

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