All You Need To Know About Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is an artificial substance that contains similar composition like the natural human urine. There are uric acid, urea, ammonia, sulfates, phosphates, creatinine and the pH value and specific gravity value are the same as normal urine. It came in the market to test the laboratory instruments whether they are working properly on not. But over the time, it has become a popular product to replace natural human urine sample that is used for drug urine test. A drug urine test is mandatory before joining professional events, companies or educational institutions. Instead of sending natural human urine sample, a person can send an artificial synthetic urine sample to pass the test. synthetic urine FAQ contains answers to all the questions that may arise in your mind.

Who Should Use It?

Any person who has had prohibited drugs like marijuana, cocaine, steroids and others should use it to pass a drug urine test. If they send their original urine sample for testing, they are sure to fail a drug test because the traces of prohibited drugs will be traced easily. Therefore, they should replace the original sample with a synthetic urine sample which is undetected by the laboratory staff, and the drug test will pass, and people can carry on with their respective endeavors. Any person who fears to fail a drug test should go for it.

Can It Be Detected In The Laboratory?

If you buy old formula synthetic urine or if the synthetic urine kit has expired, it will be easy for the staff to detect a fake urine sample. Similarly, if you buy a synthetic urine kit from an unknown brand, the lack of good chemical composition can reveal the sample is artificial. Therefore, you should always buy from reputed brands and the synthetic urine that is made with eh latest formula. You should always check the reviews before buying a product. If any question is arising in your mind regarding synthetic urine, head over to synthetic urine FAQ section for more.

What Are Some Of Popular Brands?

One of the most popular brands that have been producing consistent quality in their synthetic urine product is Quick Fix. They keep on updating their formula so that the lab staff can never label the urine as fake and the sample should never fail a test. Apart from that, Sub Solution is producing high-quality synthetic urine having all the chemical components in the exact right proportion.

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