Benefits of cryotherapy- A Modern Day Therapy

Benefits of cryotherapy- A Modern Day Therapy

A decade back, talking about cryotherapy would not have made much sense for the lack of awareness. However, in the recent times, cryotherapy has caught the kind of ignition it deserves. No one would have thought sitting in a cold bathtub like thing would do any good. Quite a number of impressive researches and studies make it apparent that cryotherapy has a vast reservoir of benefits to offer. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Loss of weight

Being in a cold medium for a few minutes a day would help increasing the metabolism of the body. While cryotherapy would not claim to be the sole reason for weight loss, it definitely supports the process. It is said that when you are in a cold medium, your body works hard to stay warm. This makes the process of metabolism speed up.

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  1. Muscle healing and relief from pain

A number of problems, like arthritis, joint related problems, and muscle aches can be relieved using cryotherapy. We have already known the effect of using an ice pack on injured parts of our body. Cryotherapy is very much the same. There is an increase of blood circulation in the injured part or the part that is in pain which promotes faster healing.

  1. Helps reduce inflammation

Pretty much like dealing with injury, you might also know about cold treatment when there is an inflammation. Dentists use it quite often when your gums have an inflammation. Inflammation is also caused sometimes, when the immune system becomes overactive. Cryotherapy can help relieving inflammation in cases, like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. and making the healing process easier and lesser of a hassle.

  1. Preventing cancer

As already mentioned, cryotherapy helps getting rid of inflammation. This would mean that cryotherapy would help in preventing the occurrence of cancer. In medical terms, “medical cryotherapy” is also used to treat cancer many a times. This is done by freezing the cancer cells and removing cancer.

  1. Reducing depression and anxiety

Inflammation also has an effect on the mental state of a person. For many people, it might cause depression and anxiety like issues. Cryotherapy helps in reducing inflammation and in turn reduces anxiety and depression.

  1. Treating headache

Problems related to headache, like migraine and sinus can be cured using cryotherapy. However, for really specific problems like these, targeted cryotherapy is suggested. When focused on the neck, targeted cryotherapy helps in preventing headaches, migraines, and other problems associated with these conditions.

These are the ways in which cryotherapy can be extremely helpful. To get to know more about cryotherapy and weigh how well it could be for you, visit a Cryotherapy Clinic in NYC.

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