More and more testimonies are coming out in the past years about the medicinal effects of cannabis to people who are suffering from different diseases. However, a lot of pharmaceutical companies and medical experts downplayed these claims for the fact that it may replace the mainstream medicine and synthetic drugs that do more damage than healing.

Cannabis and marijuana are proven to decrease the anxiety level of a person as well as improves a person’s depression and stress. After thorough research, it was found that a lot of cannabis users consume a blunt regularly and tend to be more relaxed. That is why a lot of people develop more strains of marijuana and cannabis to maximize its medicinal benefits. There are certain doses and levels of THC in cannabis that is perfect for reducing the stress level of a person while higher dosage creates a more opposite effect like getting high and paranoid.

The THC dose of marijuana is also evident in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease after some medical experts who believe in marijuana’s medicinal benefits conducted a series of studies that proved its effectiveness.

In a 2006 study conducted and published by the Journal of Molecular Pharmaceuticals found out that the THC in marijuana stops the rapid development and formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme that is found in our brains which creates it, that causes the Alzheimer’s disease. These plaques are responsible for killing our brain cells which causes the development of the disease.

Aside from Alzheimer’s disease, cannabis and marijuana can also ease down the pain brought by multiple sclerosis according to the Canadian Medical Association. A study conducted by its doctors put 30 patients suffering from multiple sclerosis who have painful contractions to undergo cannabis oil treatment and had positive results after there was a dramatic reduction of pain.

There are different strains of marijuana that are susceptible to reducing the pain of several diseases like the Spice Regular strain which is Hawaiian hybrid cannabis that was bred from Indica and Sativa strains straight from Hawaii.

The Indica plant is the dominant portion of Spice Regular, which is 75%, while it has the phenotype of the sativa. Unlike other cannabis strain, the Spice Regular has a short and sturdy physical appearance. It was first bred in 1987 and had several changes for improvement in the 1990s. The appropriate type of planting Spice regular is indoors. Spice Regular seeds can be bought in cannabis specialty shops around the world and has 48 to 60 days before you can yield it when its flowers are starting to come out. Its usual yield is 500 to 600 grams and it can be harvested on September or October.

Spice Regular’s name is derived from its spicy and complex flavor which is ideal for commercial grade because of its good yield and flowering relationship which further improves the quality of the finished product or the yield. Spice Regular seeds can easily be planted, all you need is a loam soil, a pot, and a cool place inside your house or a greenhouse and keep it from direct sunlight.

Mr. Nice Seedbank bred this cannabis strain by combining the Hawaiian Indica and the Hawaiian Sativa.

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