white kidney bean extract


Do you ever wonder why carbohydrate is one of the primary substance that we intake linked to weight gain? Carbohydrate is the main reason why we feel energetic and pumped up to meet our days end. In fact, carbohydrate is not that dangerous, if the intake is normal, it becomes harmful to your body if we consume more than the normal level of it through eating food rich in carbohydrate such as rice, pasta, root crops and fruits.

Carbohydrate digestion process starts in your mouth through the enzymes in your saliva which is going to break it down to a more complex pieces and make it into glucose. The real digestion sets in the small intestine where another set of special enzymes breaks down the carbohydrates into the simplest form of sugar.

If we consume more than the regular amount of carbohydrate, there is an excess of glucose deposit that contributes to an unwanted weight gain and much worse could develop into a chronic disease particularly diabetes that is why when we consume more than the normal amount of carbohydrate, we should counter it by engaging in more physical activities like exercise and most importantly equal portion of food.

If these sugar are absorbed in our intestinal wall which flows into our bloodstream, it creates an increased level of sugar where our body responds by releasing insulin. If there is more than enough level of insulin in our body, it triggers the sugar by turning it into glycogen which if not used will be stored in our body and turns into what we known as fat.

Fat if deposited in our body could do more harm than better and one of it is weight gain that could lead to obesity and obesity is the main reason why a lot of people develops chronic diseases.

white kidney beans serve as carb blockers

However, there are alternatives to battle the bad effects of carbohydrate in our body through alternative medicine like consuming alternatives like the white kidney beans and garcinia cambogia. These type of carbohydrates are perfect for people who are conscious with their health and diet. It is not advisable to not to consume any carbohydrate because this is used to fuel our body in engaging our daily activities. White kidney beans and garcinia cambogia serve as carb blockers which helps people dealing with obesity and other diseases related to increased level of insulin.

In this article, let us discuss the debate between garcinia cambogia vs white kidney bean extract; which one works better?


This type of carbohydrate blocks the enzymes in our small intestine to break carbohydrates down into the simplest form of sugar but on the downside, our body will not absorb any benefits from the carbohydrate that we consume. This will be stored in our gut but on its beneficial side, it reduces the starch uptake from our gut by 66-percent.


This tropical fruit is a staple in both Indian and Indonesian cooking by curing the rind of this fruit and is one of the most used food flavors that adds more intensity to the food’s overall flavor. Its rinds contain natural components that also block our body’s function to convert sugar into fat. The extract from Garcinia Cambogia extract is also the same substance that increases the level of serotonin in our brain. Serotonin is responsible for making us feel full every time we eat carbohydrate food.

So which one works better and kidney beans protein in our body? Both the Garcinia Cambogia and White Kidney Beans are both beneficial in our body in losing weight, it is just that both of it works in different ways.

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