How to keep heartburn at bay when you are pregnant

One of the main reasons for heartburn during pregnancy has got to do with the role of the hormones. Heartburn meds during pregnancy are safe but you need to follow some tips on how to keep it under control. Pretty much like pregnancy infections medicine a lot of thought is put into the process as well.

Small meals

If you are suffering from morning sickness then eating small meals is not going to pose a major problem for you. But in case of appetite is large make it a point that you do not eat heavy so that it is going to make you a lot dull. It is not even during pregnancy when you eat heavy meals you can suffer from heart burn. Instead of 3 heavy meals try to reduce it to 5 or 6 small meals.

Slow and steady

Merely gulping down the food is going to add to the problem more and more. Do not try to overeat and try to eat in a slow and phased manner.

Sipping of liquids

Instead of drinking a heavy glass of milk after dinner it would be much better to sip in juices when you are having your food. The best bet would be to consume beverages in between rather than opt for a full course meal.

Once a meal is over sit or walk for some time

Once a meal is over do not lie down. Walk a little, reading a book are some of the activities that you can plan to opt for.

Avoid having food before you go to bed

A full-fledged meal and then heading to bed is a disaster that is waiting to happen. It is suggested that you should not eat 3 hours before you go to bed. At the same time do avoid pushing liquids a couple of hours before you are heading to bed.

The chest along with the head needs to kept elevated at night

It is suggested that you place your stomach or your chest at a higher level when you sleep. If you are considering cheaper options then you could place blocks underneath the bed and then sleep.

Be aware of some form of triggers

There is certain trigger foods that one is suggested that they keep themselves off during pregnancy. It is not necessary that the influx that is caused for a single woman will be the case with another woman. It is also strongly voiced that pregnant women do keep away from certain types of food as well. On all counts it is suggested that they keep away from foods which goes on to aggravate things further.

Wear a pair of loose clothes

Do not put on a heavy pair of clothes and add to the already burdened abdomen. It is suggested that you wear a pair of loose fitted clothes that is going to worsen the symptoms of acid influx. This is going to help you reduce heartburn as well.

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