Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Dental Health

Little-Known Tips to Improve Your Dental Health

Good teeth are important for every part of our lives, from our nutrition, to our aesthetic. Yet, so many of us struggle with our dental health because we don’t see what we’re doing wrong, and we don’t think about the problems a lifetime of bad habits can make. But just like bad habits can ruin your teeth – good habits can fix them. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your dental and oral health and to make sure your teeth are with you for a long time.

Proper nutrition

The worst enemy for your teeth – and your body in general – is soda. There is literally no nutrition in it and most of it is sugar. Soda is worse for your teeth than regular candy because it’s liquid and it can get into any nook and corner of your teeth. Once that happens, sugar will turn into acid and corrode your teeth. But just avoiding soda isn’t enough. You want a rich, nutritious diet, full of fruit and vegetables, lean protein and grains. Food that makes you chew it plenty of times is good because it triggers your body’s natural response to salivate, and the saliva neutralizes the acids in your mouth and helps protect your teeth. You also want to make sure you are getting in a lot of calcium, and this is especially important for kids while they are still growing.


Get a better toothbrush

Literally, the only change you might need to make is to get a better toothbrush. Firstly, you need to look at the softness. If the toothbrush is too hard, it can take off too much of the protective layer from your teeth and damage your gums. On the other hand, if it’s too soft, you might need to brush your teeth longer to make sure you got everything out. It’s best to use a medium to a soft brush. Secondly, think about your technique: Are you a lazy brusher? A lot of us are, but if you don’t move your toothbrush enough, you might be missing big chunks of food, and not getting your teeth clean enough. If that’s the case, get an electric toothbrush which will help out with the process and do the rotation movements for you.

Visit your dentist

There is nothing you can do by yourself if you’ve already damaged your teeth. And while you’re working on preventing any further damage, your dentist will take care of the damage already done. I visit my Zetland orthodontist every three months to make sure that there are no new problems. I learned the hard way that cavities and teeth corrosion are easily sanitized when they are in the beginning phases, but you won’t notice them yourself until they’re well off. So, don’t put off going to the dentist until you feel pain – go for regular check-ups every few months, and let the dentist examine your teeth so that they can treat you properly when a problem occurs.

Healthy habits

The reason why we keep going back to the importance of getting rid of bad habits is because although you might not think it’s a big deal to skip brushing your teeth one night, that can soon rack up to not brushing them for a week. Because of that, it’s crucial to practice good habits and instill them in kids while they are still young. Healthy oral health habits are always tied to healthy habits in general: you should always drink plenty of water to keep your body properly functioning, and if you drink tap water, the fluoride it usually contains will also help protect your teeth. Making the decision to stop eating candy that sticks to your teeth will help reduce sugar intake and we’ve already stressed the benefits of nutrition. In addition, a stable morning and nighttime routine can be relaxing and calming, letting you gather your thoughts.

Having good teeth is accessible to almost anyone, and it really depends on you. Yes, you might have some genetic hurdles to overcome, but with good practices and regular check-ups, you should have your teeth in top shape all your life. So, make sure you brush, floss and rinse every day and make smart choices when choosing what to drink with your next meal.

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