Some facts and myths about diet pills for women

Every woman has a secret dream of being slim and sexy and the same is true for those women who have the issue of weight gain and obesity. Even they want to become fit and in shape, but they cannot control their appetite and cravings for some of the other reasons. Some women also try out supplements and diet pills for women in order to speed up the weight loss process. But most of the dieticians believe that there is no magic pill or formula for the weight loss as such. Although there are hundreds of products that claim to give a slim and lean body to women, not all of them are safe and effective. Here are some of the common myths that are associated with diet pills for women —

  1. The African herb hoodia can serve as an excellent appetite suppressant —

Hoodia makes it super easy to skip dinner and is an appetite suppressant that can save you a few hundred or thousand calories. But the herb contains an active compound known as P57 which is found to be effective in animals but not so much effective in human beings as such.

  1. There is no need to exercise if I am taking weight loss capsules —

Any of the nutritionist or dietician will tell you that you must follow a strict and healthy diet regime as well as do some basic sort of exercise if you are looking to manage your weight. Even if you are taking some sort of over the counter drugs then that person will also inform you about the need to have a proper diet along with diet pills for women.

  1. Supplements of green tea can burn some fat –

Although green tea is healthy and promotes weight loss. Just drinking the tea will not have a major effect on weight loss as such. Effect of green tea is due to the caffeine content of the product, although there is a compound known as EGCG i.e. epigallocatechin gallate that can also work for you. This stimulant can help you burn some calories. But too much of it can affect the heart and blood pressure.

  1. Instead of ephedra, you can take bitter orange –

Bitter orange is quite similar to ephedra but it is not a good option for weight loss. The fruit contains synephrine and can carry risks that are similar to ephedra.

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