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Obesity is a condition which has adverse effects on your body due to excess fat accumulation. We generally define a person as obese by referring to their BMI. BMI is an acronym for body mass index which gives you a fair idea of your health. Nevertheless, BMI is not the only parameter that determines a person’s health.

We all know that fat accumulation can have a lot of undesirable effects on our body. Obesity is caused due to excess food intake and lack of physical activity. Obesity increases the risk of many heart diseases, diabetes etc. An obese person finds it really difficult to lose their weight.  In such cases these people opt for slankeoprasjon, to decrease the risk of diseases and to improve their health and get back to proper lifestyle.

There are a variety of slankeoprasjon depending upon your body type and you-

  1. Restrictive surgeries– these surgeries work by slowing down digestion by shrinking the size of the stomach. The idea of this surgery is to make the stomach small so as to decrease the appetite. The less you eat the more fat you lose.
  2. Malabsorptive surgery– these surgeries decrease the size of your stomach and remove the bypass tract which makes it hard for your body to take calories.
  3. Fitting electrical devices– This is the newest technology which involves implanting an electrical device in your body which will interrupts the signals send by the stomach to the brain and vice versa, thus, helping in weight loss. This is the most modern technique that has come up.

There are a few major surgeries which can be done and include basically shrinking the stomach in one way or the other to restrict the intake of food. But all of these surgeries have their own pros and cons.

Pros and cons of almost all the major surgeries are-


It is simple and safe. Recovery is fast and also the cut made is generally small. It does not affect your stomach harshly and can be easily fixed once the weight loss is done. Most of these surgeries simply restrict the intake of more amounts of calories and help the body to burn the already stored calories.


It involves a less dramatic weight loss and some of the lost weight may be gained after a few years. You may experience vomiting tendencies if you eat more than what is allowed. You need to follow a strict diet to get your desired results. Your body will not be able to absorb the nutrients the way it used to. Hence you need to pay special attention to nutrient intake.


Risk factors include infection and clotting of blood. The surgeries involving plastic bands may put you to risk, if the elastic loosens or tightens. The surgeries put you at a risk of Hernia and also gall stones due to rapid weight loss.

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