permanent tattoo when pregnant

Tattoos during the course of pregnancy

This is a special time in your life and you would consider it by applying a tattoo. There are chances that you may also have some  concerns as far as existing tattoos during pregnancy evolve Be it a semi-permanent tattoo when pregnant there are some implications as well. Whatever you are planning to do it needs to be safe for both the mother and the baby.

Safe practice of tattoo during the course of pregnancy

You would need to verify the fact that the tattoo artist does follow the below mentioned guidelines

  • They need to be registered under a recognized body
  • During the procedure they would need to wear a pair of gloves
  • The surfaces and floor need to be clean
  • The presence of an autoclave unit is a must
  • The needles that are used should be disposable, single use and needs to be disposed after every use
  • The needs are sterilized and unpacked before use
  • The artist needs to be available in the first 24 hours after use. Do discuss with them on what is the availability going to be in the days to come

If you already have a tattoo and this goes on to question the practice of the clinic where you have done it do make it a point that you get tested for HIV

permanent tattoo when pregnant

Do give it a careful consideration of thought

One of the main reasons of opting for a permanent tattoo when pregnant stage is the chances of infection. Though the risk is small it is suggested that you do wait till the pregnancy is over to get the tattoo done. In fact there is very less information that is available with regards to the use of inks or dyes that is used for tattoos during pregnancy.

The chances are pretty high that the chemicals present in the dyes are going to have an impact on the baby in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is in the first trimester of pregnancy, though the risks are pretty unknown as far as the other weeks of pregnancy is concerned. It is also suggested that if woman have a tattoo at the back the chances of an epidural increases. Though limited amount of studies have been conducted on this subject, but till now nothing concrete in this regard has emerged.

If you are opting for an epidural along with a tattoo at your back, it is suggested that you get in touch with the hospitals and find out their policies pertaining to the same. The chances are that you could pass on the infection to your baby in the form of breastfeeding. But it must be said that this risk is on the smaller side. This decision is yours, but you need to wait till no longer you are breastfeeding to get a tattoo done.

If you really thing of a tattoo during pregnancy then why not opt for henna.  It is considered to be a symbol of good luck during pregnancy.

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