Hypobaric chamber

Technology under water and up in the air!

Humans can obviously survive at high altitude. Our body can adjust in both long-term and short-term adjustments. Whether if we go deep underwater or at high altitude, our body changes its function to survive in those particular surroundings. This could not be possible if scientists would not have come up with new technology and inventions which will help us to survive in such conditions and due to these inventions, people are now living a luxurious life even in those places where the survival chances are 0%.

Science technology has gone a lot far if talk about developments. All type of developments have been done till now and are searching for more now. According to Arbitrage Research Institute, India is a home for the 3rd largest number of technology-related start-ups done in the year 2014-2017 keeping in mind about the number of population India have. It doesn’t matter in which surroundings we are, if we are having oxygen supply over there then we’ll not have any problem in that area. That’s why people carry oxygen masks underwater (in deep-sea diving) and sometimes research is done by using the hypobaric chamber to know what pressure can be used as oxygen supply at high altitude.


Why advancements only for oxygen supply?

As we all know that oxygen is the most essential element we need to stay alive. You would have heard that scientists are trying hard to make another world at Mars. What do you think will they be successful in doing this? Maybe or maybe not. Not only oxygen, many more essential things are there which we need in our surroundings like water, food, a proper place to live, etc. But still we will be able to use this stuff only when we’ll be alive and for that we need oxygen.

Inventions for underwater and high altitude

Hypobaric chambers are mostly used when we have to do some research or training to know more than how a human body responds to high altitude. It is mostly used in high terrestrial altitude research or aerospace. One or more than items are set in the chamber. Before “rising” to the coveted height, subjects inhale oxygen from breathing apparatuses to cleanse nitrogen from their circulation system so decompression affliction (DCS) does not happen. Now if we talk about technology we use underwater is we can say Submersibles are working well in this area as this is the technology which can take people deep down to the seafloor and now self-governing vehicles would be able to outline geology never observed by human eyes.

So yes we can say scientists have come very far in making our lives making worth living and due to them we can actually feel the experience which we would only see in our dreams.

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