What are dental impressions for braces

What are dental impressions for braces?

When the patient begins the orthodontic treatment, then there will be some preface steps that are needed to taken, before the braces are placed. One of the pieces performed are impressions. If the young patients have never had impressions before, they are nervous about going through this procedure. So, the patients should explain their children that the impressions are very simple and they do not need to worry about having this treatment. During the working day, the orthodontists have taken a lot of impressions. Before braces are placed and after braces are removed for appliances such as retainers, they take impressions. If you want to get impressions and want to know how to do this, you can simply refer HealthRow.net and know the procedure for setting up braces.

Normally, the orthodontic impression has been taken with a tray, which fits throughout your teeth. This tray is fully filled with alginate. Actually, this is a powder combined with water to the cake consistency. First, this alginate is placed into the tray and then inserted into the mouth of patient. This is a time, when the patient is becoming so uncomfortable and nervous. Normally, the lower impression has done at first and then performs upper. With this upper impression, the patient might think that alginate is going down their throat, but it is not. Until the alginate sets up properly, they have to keep a tray in the mouth and then it could be removed.


How to cope with dental impression?

Getting a dental impression is always unpleasant and uncomfortable procedure for those who have an active gag reflex. Due to its severity, there are several possible ways to reduce it. Before starting this procedure, you must consult with dentist and allow him to know your problems. In order to decrease the chance of gagging, there a few things to do, when the tray is in your mouth that includes:

  • Breathe via your nose
  • Distract yourself
  • Don’t be afraid to drool

Tips for getting through impression for braces

Now, many people don’t know how long does the impression take. Actually, each impression is taking around less than one minute, but the orthodontist may require taking many impressions until they got the best one. When you are getting the upper one, it is better to think of something outside of your impression that takes around single minute and it is quite hard. To know the detail process of taking this impression, you just visit HealthRow.net that provides tips for getting this impression for braces. Before taking this procedure, there are some special measures to be taken that greatly helps to alleviate the feeling such as topical anesthetic. When you are getting this impression, let the dentist to know, if you have an overactive gag reflex.

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