What Type of Dermal Filler Should You Opt For?

If you have wrinkles and fine lines on your face that you want to dissolve, opting for skin filler treatment is the best. The result is immediate, the process is of less than one hour and painless, the effects are long-lasting, and the appearance is natural to boost your self-confidence. If you have decided to opt for dermal fillers, you should understand their different types and which one is perfect for you. Besides, you should know how much dermal fillers cost to have some idea about the budget you should go with.

Types of Skin Fillers –

Soft Type – The soft type skill fillers are to minimize the first signs of aging. It contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates and rejuvenates the facial skin and brings back the elasticity. If you have noticed wrinkles and fine lines for the first time on your face, you should opt for this soft type. It will help you retain the youthfulness of the skin and make you look prettier. Besides, in the long run, it will make your facial skin healthy.

Mild Type – When the fine lines and wrinkles are slightly deeper, and you have been noticing them for a longer period of time, the mild type skin fillers will be the best. This increases the plumpness to some extent and makes the skin smooth and elastic. The concentration of the material will be the same as in the soft type, but the particle size is bigger. It’s perfect for combating perioral and medium wrinkles.

Hard Type – If you have deeper wrinkles and folds on your face, the soft and mild type may not be useful to completely vanish them. That is when you have to opt for the hard type skin fillers. If you have deep wrinkles on your forehead, it should go for hard type instead of soft or mild. However, for the fine lines on the cheeks, the soft and mild are more useful.

Besides, the hard type dermal fillers are used for nasal augmentation and nasolabial folds. Moreover, for reshaping the chin contour, the hard type fillers are the only options. Currently, the hard types are also used for lip jobs for many young girls asit’s a trend these days.

Cost of Skin Fillers –

There are two things that determine the overall cost of the skin filler treatment. If you take only the dermal fillers cost, it would be around $60 per filler. Coming to the factors, the overall cost depends on how many areas on your face the fillers have to be applied. The second factor is the fee of the dermatologist, and there are always some other expenses involved. You should visit a reputed dermatologist to get a full estimation.

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