Why is Water Filtration Essential for Your Future

Water is a life-sustaining fluid, which is essential for keeping your mental and physical being healthy.  However, if you decide to drink it straight out of the tap, it can cause some side effects and undermine your health.

When you drink tap water, you will not consume only a pure fluid, but other chemicals such as fluorine and chlorine compounds, assorted hormones, trihalomethanes, pesticides as well as traces of prescription drugs.

One solution is to choose AquaOx Filters because that way you will be able to protect yourself from harmful substances. As you can see, tap water can be a witches’ brew when compared with the filtered alternative.

Tap Water Only Looks Clean

Even if you live in an area with lots of clean water, when you drink something from the tap, have in mind that pipes are not that clean themselves. Before it came to you, it traveled miles of pipeline, while on the way picking up pesticides, contaminants, and industrial particles.

Even though it features disinfection with ammonia, chlorine, fluoride, and chloramines, you should have in mind that these chemicals are carcinogens. It is necessary to keep water clean while traveling through pipes, but without it, you won’t be able to get water illnesses that could create havoc in your organism.

The main problem is that we don’t understand contaminants and chemicals that we drink through the water. We also don’t know their long-term effects on the human body. We trust that everything is okay because it got through some inspection, but you should be skeptical for a reason.

According to the Environmental Working Group that spent years investigating tap water that country drinks, the results were breathtaking. They notice that more than 85% of the population uses tap water that features more than 300 contaminants. The EPA does not regulate half of them while for another half it is unknown what it does to your health in long-term use.

To learn more information on Environmental Working Group, click here.

Bottled Water Is Not The Healthiest Alternative

You have to look around you to find some ad or commercial on bottled waters. Some countries around the world use only bottled water because their tap system is not suitable for internal use.

Have in mind that most bottled waters are not regulated, they are expensive, and it is not so different from tap water. According to EPA, it is not necessarily different from tap water. Bottle waters create significant havoc when it comes to waste because they need at least three liters of water to produce one liter.

Check out this website: https://www.epa.gov/ to learn more about EPA and its regulations.

The Pacific Institute stated that more than 17 million barrels of oil manufacturers use to produce all bottles for water. The worst thing is that most of them wind up in landfills or water, which means that they poison wildlife and waters.

Water Filtration System

The best thing that you can do when it comes to water is to brew your own. You can do it by installing water filtration systems. It is important to find the one, which contains a certification by the NSF, which is a non-profit organization that verifies and tests the contaminant-reducing abilities.

Apart from that, you should understand how far you’re willing to go, which means to look on your budget and specific needs. In an ideal perspective, you will be able to purchase and afford whole-house filtration systems.

However, they are not always feasible, because you will require modern pipes and other specifications to make the appropriate system. If you don’t have an appropriate house for the whole-house filtration system, then we recommend you to invest in individual shower filter and drinking water filter units.

If you want to find a filter for drinking water, you can find a wide array of types. The simplest and most affordable option is to find under-the-counter filters, pitcher systems or countertop filters.

  • Under-The Counter Filters – They are perfect because you can tuck them out of sight and they feature high marks for filtration.
  • Countertop Filters – They use water pressure to force water to go through a filtration That will make water tastier and healthier while removing contaminants.

Water Pitchers – They are perfect for people with lack of space because they are portable. You don’t have to install anything, place them in the fridge and you can use it anywhere. They will reduce and filter out major contaminants, but they are not as efficient as other two water filter types.

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