Will Lipo 6 is really effective Will it Works for You

Will Lipo 6 is really effective? Will it Works for You?

Lipo 6 is a weight loss supplement that continues to get a lot of positive attention in both the weight loss and bodybuilding communities. This supplement, which is being sold as the first liquid gel weight loss product, has scores of positive reviews, before and after photos, and anecdotes. So, is this just good marketing or does this product actually give results? Let’s look at what goes into this product and see if it has the research to back it up. There are several versions of Lipo 6, but we will look at the new formula of the original product.

What is in it?

Lipo 6 originally had 6 active fat burning ingredients, hence the name Lipo 6. The formula has since changed to include only 5 active ingredients. The ingredients now listed on the label are synephrine, guggulsterones, Yohimbe, caffeine anhydrous, and Bioperine. Each of these ingredients is supposed to have one or more fat burning properties. Let’s take a look at the claims of each of these ingredients versus the available research.


Does it work?

Let’s first look at synephrine. Synephrine is derived from bitter orange which has been used in Chinese medicine for weight loss in concert with other herbs. It is supposed to burn fat, decrease appetite, and raises your body temperature through thermogenesis (this also burns calories). Synephrine is similar to ephedra in it’s composition, so the thinking is that it will work similarly to ephedra except that this compound is legal to put into supplements. There is nothing other than anecdotal evidence to back up the fat burning properties of this ingredient.

Next is guggulsterones. These compounds are derived from the guggul tree in North Africa and parts of Asia. Guggulsterones are supposed to speed up metabolism by stimulating the thyroid gland, this, in turn, will cause you to burn more calories, even when resting, and burn excess body fat when on a calorie restricted diet. There is evidence to support this claim.

Next on the list is Yohimbe. Yohimbe comes from the bark of the Yohimbe tree. It is supposed to burn fat, and has a thermogenic effect. There is also evidence to back up the claims that it does affect the body in this way.

The next ingredient is caffeine anhydrous. It is claimed that it acts as a stimulant and increases metabolism. Caffeine has been used for centuries as a stimulant. It is a well known and well-researched stimulant and does work in this capacity.

The last ingredient is Bioperine which comes from black peppercorns. This compound is supposed to raise body temperature (thermogenesis) and enhance the absorption of other nutrients. Bioperine had been shown to slow down processing of nutrients by the liver, thereby keeping the compounds in the bloodstream longer. I don’t know if this equates to increased absorption or not. Bioperine does elicit thermogenesis.

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