A Smile On Your Face

A Smile On Your Face

For sure almost everyone in this present life is trying to live a healthy life. However, there are those who despite many attempts fall prey to infections. Teeth infections are all over. Dentists report a lot of cases that occur almost every day. Our teeth must be healthy for us also to be healthy. Basing on nature itself and the food we eat, infections get us almost unawares. The orthodontist must be visited as frequently as possible in a year. This shows that we are all susceptible to infections. Teeth infections are for sure with us more than all other infections. The dentists will handle a case if the person infected has permanent teeth. Teeth infection affects both adults and children alike.

Technology has brought us changes in our living styles and even the foods we eat. This means some of the teeth infections that we get are due to the daily and many changes in what we normally eat .Despite the fact that there is technology and it is bringing many better changes, we must look at the negatives that come with this technology. There are many changes in technology that exist , especially based on the few negatives that technology brings. We must accept that doctors in hospitals are complaining because of some infections that we can avoid. It is all about being healthy, and ensuring that the others are also healthy.


We must accept that technology,  in a way puts us in a certain dilemma. We try to be better,  to eat healthy foods but in the end, we still get infections from the very foods. Something must be done to technology. We must know what we accept from technology, and what to reject. It must be recognized that there are very few things to reject from technology.  It does us a lot of good.  God created us with a purpose, we should not try to do our own th8ngs to destroy the good purpose that God created us for. We must try ways to combat infections , especially the many new infections that come and d not fond immediate treatment. An infection is an infection, we should take things lightly. Some infections are hard to fight. In fact, dentists admit that unknown infections may be many that we think.

Diseases can kill us easily or cause more destruction in our health than we think. We have to be careful. It is time to take action.We should not lie careless lives, infections can finish us, especially this infections that we take lightly. It is time we put more money into research work so that we easily identify the new infection s immediately they come up. It is high time we wake up. Teeth infections are just like any other infections they can kill and cause more problems in our health.

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