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Assessment Tools for Concussion

As the dangers of concussion are increasingly recognized, especially in sports, most are realizing that concussions should be evaluated at an early stage and that adequate follow-up care is needed. As a result, there are currently several evaluation tools available for amateur, educational and professional athletes.

Below are some of the diagnostic and evaluation tools currently used:

  • The C3Logix system is an evaluation tool that was originally used to study Parkinson’s disease, but is currently used to evaluate those who have had a concussion. This determines the speed of dizziness, balance and visual impairment. The data is stored in the system, which eliminates conjectures and facilitates the management of brain lesions, and especially concussions. Tpad2 is currently being used with the C3 system as an evaluation tool. A baseline assessment is performed for players before the start of the season, so if a concussion is suspected, another follow-up assessment will be performed to compare the two scores and determine the degree of damage. Another evaluation can be done during the recovery period to determine the degree of improvement in the injury, and one more before the player can return to the game. By making this type of classifications, it guarantees that no player can play with any symptoms that are not allowed. This data collection system evaluates neurocognitive symptoms, balance, reaction time, memory and motor function to determine brain health and better control concussion. It is a portable and precise device that can focus on moving objects and evaluate athletes at all levels.

Concussion Management North York

  • SCAT2 is another diagnostic tool to detect shocks. This is a standardized method to evaluate athletes by concussion from 10 years of age. SCAT2 also performs basic pre-season tests for athletes.
  • Impact Sports concussion assessment and cognitive tests are also used. Tracks trauma from the moment of Concussion Management North York and throughout the healing process.
  • The C3 application is often used in conjunction with Impact Sports ratings. This is an iPad milkshake application. All information is entered into the medical records system so that subsequent observations can be made. As part of this evaluation, it is most likely that a physical evaluation will also be performed, that is, a drop and balance test.


About 500,000 sports-related crashes occur annually. MRI and computed tomography do not detect concussion. Since concussion symptoms can be very difficult to correctly determine the degree of injury, these diagnostic assessment tools are a great advantage for health care providers and athletes to ensure they receive proper care and, hopefully, they can avoid long-term problems.

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