Food Allergies Can Be Subtle or Severe

If you think that you have a food allergy, there are now ways to know for sure. Most of the testing methods are performed under the direct care of a qualified physician and they introduce small quantities of the food to determine if there is an allergic reaction to it. These are well-organized, sophisticated tests that are very detailed and the results are analyzed by professionals who are experts in this area of medicine. Most often, the testing for food allergies consists of the Oral Food Challenge, or OFC, which includes giving small amounts of food to the patient every 15-30 minutes because it doesn’t take long to find out that you’re allergic to a specific food. If there is no reaction to the food, it is assumed that you have no allergy and the opposite is also true.

Preparing for the OFC Test Properly

Preparing for the Oral Food Challenge is simple and includes a few basic requirements. These include:

  • Making sure that you aren’t sick for seven full days before the test
  • Taking no antihistamines for at least seven days before the test; however, you can use certain products if you have asthma
  • Postponing the test if you become ill within seven days of the test

In other words, the doctors want you healthy for at least one week before you take the OFC. If you are on medications, it is wise to let the doctors know so that they can determine if you should continue taking them or stop their use before the test date. In fact, it is best to consult with the doctors before the day of your test because this is the best way to get the advice and assistance that you need and be sure that you’re doing everything properly so the test results will be accurate. Their food allergy testing methods are simple and painless but they can change your life in many ways, depending on what they tell you about your food allergies.

Easier Than You Think

The food allergy test is not difficult because it involves merely eating certain foods; moreover, they usually feed you only small quantities of the food in case you’re allergic to it, which means that you shouldn’t become too ill if you find out you do have an allergy. There are also open-blind, single-blind, and double-blind test-taking methods with the difference being who is aware of the food that is being offered to the patient and who isn’t aware. The food preparer is an important part of the entire testing process because it is this person who makes sure that you are getting the foods that the doctors wish to test you for.

Food allergies are never fun and if you’d like to be tested because you believe that you have an allergy to some type of food, it is very easy to do. Medical centers that specialize in these tests will make them as comfortable as possible for you so you never have to dread visiting one of these centers to get the tests done.

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