Weight Loss

Here’s how a healthy and effective weight loss plan looks like

Have you ever wondered why those extra pounds refuse to come off in spite of you exercising religiously and eating moderately? Could it be the hormones? Or has your metabolism gone haywire?

Lack of progress can lead to frustration and hamper your spirits. And when you land in such a situation, it is important to hold on to your determination and be calm more than ever instead of letting the frustration get you.

The best way to counter stagnation is to start afresh. Here we bring you a list of approach that you can employ to see better results in your weight loss journey.

Cut sugars

When we say starting anew, it is mostly about what you eat. It is not always about eating moderately but eating clean. Cut added sugars and sweets completely out of your everyday diet. Cutting sugars means cutting bad calories. This can have a great change over the course of days.

A big NO to carbohydrates

You must have heard this often and there is a reason that this is being stressed. Carbs are bad any day especially if you are fighting obesity, PCOD, and diabetes. Why is carb bad?

Carbohydrates spike your glucose level. To manage the inflow of this sudden surge of glucose and to release it into the blood, the body goes on to release insulin. Now insulin regulates blood sugar, stores fat cells that your body is unable to burn and bars fat cells from discharging fat into the body.

Weight Loss

Since insulin only burns off carbohydrates, you quickly feel hungry and go back to eating more carbs. This cycle can be broken only by cutting the carbs and replacing it with fibre and protein. We also recommend including low carb vegetables in your daily diet and keep your carbohydrate limit to 20 to 50 grams per day.

Embrace the good fats

Committing to a low-fat and low-carb diet at the same time had most often been a failure. Doing this can be depressing. Choose one of the diets and stick to it. While it is wise to stay away from trans fat and processed foods, it is good to include good and healthy fats like ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Don’t be hard on calories intake

As long as you stick to a healthy low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet, you don’t have to count each and every calorie you eat. However, if you wish to track what you eat, continue to do so but don’t be obsessed. The key is quality over quantity. As long as you consume vegetables, berries and lean protein, moderate quantity shouldn’t pose as a threat.

Strengthening exercise

Remember cardio exercises can only take you so far. If you want to see those killer abs and toned thighs, you should shock your body. Indulge in strength training at least thrice a week to burn more calories. If you visit a gym, then try to incorporate weights and strengthening exercised along with your cardio workouts every day.

 Cheat days-sweet days

As we mentioned quite a few times, DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. At least once a week, have your cheat day. Enjoy your favourite meal or pastry on this day without any guilt and satiate your week-long cravings. However, we strongly suggest you maintain portion control. If you would like to have a fudge or chocolate cake, just indulge in one piece or slice instead of devouring it whole. This will keep an eye on your calorie intake.

Apart from the aforementioned points, drink plenty of water every day and ensure you get enough sleep every night. Good sleep is great for mental health and metabolism. Always exercise portion control over your food and eat small meals a day. Importantly, chew your food slowly before swallowing. This will keep you satiated.

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