How to get rid of chronic back pain?

Back pain is the second most common pain syndrome after migraine. Back pains occur in 70-90% of the population, of which only 20-30% use the help of doctors to get rid of the torment. Unfortunately, in time, not cured acute pain becomes chronic (25% of cases), and it is much more difficult to cope with this problem. We need both medicines and medical procedures together with gymnastics, and, of course, competent doctors who will conduct effective therapy and rehabilitation.

Common Causes of Severe Back Pain

Most often, the problem originates in the curvature of the spine and uneven loads due to incorrect posture, low physical activity. Back pain can also be the result of injuries and all sorts of diseases, both the locomotors system and internal organs.

The Main Reasons Why the Back Hurts:

Spinal diseases like osteochondrosisdamage to the inter-vertebral discs, cartilage, spondylolisthesisdisplacement of the vertebra forward or backward,ankylosing spondylitis, or ankylosing spondylitis a progressive genetic disease in which the hip, shoulder and hand joints, ligaments of the spinal cord, the ligaments of the spinal cord, the chord, and the chrompus, the chromic and spondylitis, Bone marrow, hernia protrusion into the spinal canal) of the intervertebral disk and others. With a sneak a peek at this website you can know more now.

Back Pain Treatments

If the disease is established, which was the root cause of pain in the back you should begin pain therapy with the elimination of the identified disease. At the same time, concomitant therapy is often required to relieve pain. In addition, if we are talking about chronic back pain, then it can continue to cause a person suffering and after curing the underlying disease, that is, it becomes an independent disease that requires special treatment.


If your back hurts, as a rule, analgesics are prescribed to relieve the inflammatory process, reduce the temperature and analgesia: paracetamol, analgin, NPVS: ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin, naproxen, etc.

These drugs are used in pills and injections, as well as in the form of ointments and gels applied to painful areas of the back.

Very severe back pain can sometimes be relieved only by narcotic analgesics (morphine, promedol, codeine, fentanyl, and the like). Usually, doctors decide on the appointment of such drugs if the pain is triggered by a malignant tumor, if the use of safer drugs does not have the desired effect.

Nevertheless, any analgesics with prolonged use can be addictive and start to act more weakly, and also lead to inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. Usually, the course of taking analgesics is 10 days with longer use, additional therapy of the gastrointestinal organs is conducted.

Vitamins of group B (B6, B12 B1) are used for back pain as moderate painkillers, since, being neurotropes.They have a positive effect on nerve cells and relieve inflammation.

In addition to painkillers, muscle relaxants, muscle relaxants, are a great help in treating back pain. As already mentioned, muscle diseases, including the formation of trigger points, can be the cause of acute back pain. Moreover, the constant tension of the muscles leads to a deterioration of the mobility of the spine. 

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