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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Cheap Cannabis from a Marijuana Dispensary

In various states across the whole America, discounted marijuana product is a staple for many consumers – and the most highly sought-after product by customers who are looking to save money.

However, how can you make sure that cheap marijuana bud is a quality product? How can you tell if you’re just getting scammed or getting a reasonable deal? There are several factors to figure out why a specific product is discounted, either in a combination or alone, and there’s no single answer to that.

Aside from that, there are many advantages and disadvantages to purchasing cheap weed. Also, here’s some knowledge that can provide you an explanation and assist you in having a better marijuana purchase.

Here’s a breakdown as to how all of this happens and why other buds are put on a discounted Dispensary Weed Prices.

Marketing Strategy

There are hundreds of medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state of California. And that doesn’t include the other dispensaries from all over the United States, and also the neighboring places at a short traveling distance.

The competition in the marijuana industry is fierce; there are several dispensaries in cities and towns with a rival just across the neighboring street, which often leads many dispensaries towant to attract many customers to win over the competition, even for a small profit in return. Sometimes, finding a marijuana dispensary deal is an excellent way to get awesome products at a lesser price.

Especially around marijuana-related celebrations and significant holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day, dispensaries’ main goal is to create brand recognition, and they are willing to sacrifice their revenue volume in order to develop a reputation.

Because dispensaries who use this tactic giving discounts and affordable deals are getting their name out from the cave, usually, these dispensaries pick only the most decent buds to put on sale for special occasions to establish a lasting positive effect on the consumers.

Marketing that focuses on discounts could be the best bet at acing top-shelf items for a lower price. Other dispensaries offer consumers a dedicated deal for upcoming and current promotions, which enables them to filter and search for their favorite marijuana products.

Marijuana Dispensary

Overstock Products

Plants are the same as other living beings, and usually, they age with a level of variance. Typically, freshly harvested plants will exceed some expectations and often produce too many flowers, which can result in issues like the demand for the product and overall supply. The dispensary will think of a solution to dispose of the excess number of products while still gaining even a small profit from them.

Moreover, shelves in retail stores have a limited storage space, so holding on those excess products for a long time can freeze the business money. That’s why it is highly recommendable to sell those excesses as quickly as possible.

Generally, each strain will have a temporary discount to keep the profits from coming. Also, this tactic is one of the ideal ways to locate a discount, as it gives benefits to both consumers and dispensaries.

A majority number of overstocks happens when a particular marijuana dispensary runs its marijuana farm. However, many marijuana farms sell plants in wholesale, which creates a triple effect on the overstock issue.

Overall Potency and THC Content 

A lack of knowledge about marijuana means that there’s a large portion of marijuana consumers who base their purchases solely on THC potency. This can leave many-THC products with low potency to sit longer on the shelves, and dispensaries often put them on sale and discounts to dispose of them more quickly.

There are many varieties of quality marijuana products and criteria for quality besides THC potency. However, many of the consumer’s perceptions create demand, so as long as the market will stick to potency, a consumer can grab as many deals as much as they want.


Outstanding buds don’t always look fantastic. However, the visual appearance of the flower can affect the required crop’s market price. There are too many stems that need to be cut down by the consumers, or if other plants are exposed too close to a particular light, they could also get a sunburn. While some of these are only small changes, but this change can be unappealing. Often, they can be cumbersome and affect smoke quality.

Moreover, buds that appear too dense may look horrible to some. Also, each plant will inevitably have a group of smaller buds, which is often referred to as “popcorns” for its shape and size, though some consumers don’t like it.

Any of these and other visual appearance factors can affect a plan to be put on discounted items. Imagine that you are buying a floor model, it might not be as shiny as you may expect, but it’s not defected and is on sale at a lower price.

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