medical clinic in Bundoora

The Benefits of Finding a Good GP in Bundoora

Having a good GP means you can feel more confident about your health. The role of a GP is to advise you on your health and any specialist treatments that may be necessary, as well as monitoring your progressand notifying you of any tests that may be required. These services help to ensure you can maintain the best health. Here are some of the benefits of finding a good local GP in a medical clinic in Bundoora.


A major advantage of finding a good GP in a medical clinic in Bundoora is the location factor. While travelling elsewhere to seek medical care may not seem a big deal, the location really matters, especially when there’s an emergency or you’re really sick. Finding a good local GP means you will be able to get help as quickly as possible. A local GP will also be aware of the services available in your local area and be able to refer you where you can get further help if needed. Furthermore, having a good GP that’s close means you’ll be saving money by not needing to travel far for scheduled visits.

General Services

Another advantage of finding a good GP is that they’ll providegeneral services. This means that they’ll be well versed with various illnesses and diseases, enabling them to accurately assess various physical and mental issues and advise you on the next step to take.

medical clinic in Bundoora

Preventative Health Services

Maintaining good health isn’t just about curing or treating illnesses, but also about taking preventative measures. Some of the preventative measures a good GP can advise you on include:

  •         Available immunisations to prevent illnesses and diseases
  •         Maintaining your weight
  •         Ways to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  •         Dieting habits
  •         Early detection of diseases such as cancer
  •         Lifestyle habits

Dealing with Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes or asthma, it’s important to have a good local GP in a medical clinic in Bundoora. A good GP will be able to come up with a health care management plan to manage the chronic disease you’re suffering from. The health care plan will ensure you get treatment that involves other professionals such as dieticians, physiotherapists and podiatrists.

Coordinated Care

If you have a condition that requires the coordination of other health care professionals, then your GP will be the one responsible to oversee it. The healthcare professionals will be able to liaise with your GP on any actions that may be required to ensure your health and wellbeing.


Since you will be regularly seeing your GP, you should be comfortable communicating with each other. You will need to find a good GP with whom you can discuss and be open about your personal issues. Since a professional GP will be open-minded and non-judgemental, you can confide in them about any problems you may be experiencing. Establishing a good relationship with your GP will ensure you’re in control of your health. In addition, having a good GP also means that you won’t need to keep explaining your health issues every time you seek treatment.

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