The Best Keepsake Ideas - An Easy Paint Inks For Your Baby

The Best Keepsake Ideas – An Easy Paint Inks For Your Baby

Babies are so much adorable. They are very lovely and cute that makes them so much treasured. Parents can’t deny the fact that they loved their babies more than themselves. They will actually make their best just to give all their babies’ need. In fact, these little adoring ones will not leave cuter as what they were. When time passed by, they will become a grown-up man and woman. But, as a parent, they are still lovable because they are our blood and flesh. A baby stage actually doesn’t last long. Babies will grow up soon. Thus, the best memento must be created before turned into their adult stage. The best keep safe ideas are a lot, one of them is to get a souvenir of their footprints. Keeping their cute footprints by the use of prints can be the best idea it can be.

Cutest and best keepsake ideas

Parents can keep the footprints of their cute babies by getting a record of it. Not on video record but on prints. Indeed, keeping the footprints of our cute baby can be possible with the use of inkless baby footprint kit. This is a kit designed for capturing the little footprints and hand of our babies. In comparison to the picture, this is a real copy of our baby footprints. It copies how cute the size is, and how it looks. It is also a nice idea to recall and witness how cute their footprints and hands were. Parents should know that aside from pictures capture on their phones, this is another unique idea. Keeping the souvenir of your baby’s hands and footprints is more unique than any other ideas. Always remember that the baby stage doesn’t last long, they will soon grow up. Thus, get a copy of that cute footprints and hands safe and no messy with an inkless kit.

inkless baby footprint kit

How does the kit work?

The kids work by pushing the footprints and hands of the baby on the inkless kit. It originally copies the cute size of hands and footprints of the baby with no harm. From the word of the product itself, it is ink-less. So, it has no mess not dirty for the baby’s foot and hand. In fact, this product is certified non-toxic. As we all know, a baby’s skin is sensitive. So, be extra careful on the choices of products to be used for the baby. The kit is a non-toxic product which is very much safe for the little ones. It comes in vivid color and safe to use. The no messy paint used as an ink of the kit is at ease of use. The special paper and wipe make the print very original and natural in vivid color. It is something to be considered as a work of magic. It takes any sizes of prints from infants to adults. This is also perfect for those fur babies. If parents are worried not to get the prints of their baby’s footprints and hands, the kit is very fur-friendly. This memento can be framed or used as a photo file, either for gifting or home decoration.

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