The Personality of Drugs: How to Get Rid of addiction

Dependent or drug personalities are artificial and added to the person. How can we put an end to drug addiction, lies, deception and ingratitude? How to get rid of drug addiction or alcoholism for life? A reasonable look at the situation will show that addicts and “addicted” or “alcoholic” labels are artificial, not natural conditions.Training people to develop new talents and acquire new skills is the path to independence; It is also a way to end your addiction.

There are several basic approaches to the rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics:

  • The usual general approach is the traditional medical / counseling method plus a 12-step approach. A person believes that becoming a drug addict will always remain a drug addict, and the only way to deal with one’s addiction is medication, ongoing counseling, meetings and some kind of unspoken miracle, since this approach It has less than 22% success. Although medications and counseling are sometimes necessary, we do not believe that addiction is a life sentence. Perhaps labeling drug addicts and alcoholics as drug addicts and alcoholics explains why they no longer go to traditional rehabilitation. Addicts and alcoholics do not want to accept the label “addict” or “alcoholic.”
  • Another more effective approach is to improve your skills and abilities so that you can live a full life without the use of drugs or alcohol. The exaltation of this is a much-requested method: this technique exists, it is real. They will need help to make improvements, since this skill level exceeds their current ability.

If you do not want your loved one to remain addicted to counselors, other people or drugs for the rest of your life, now is the time to give up those beliefs that a person should depend on others, because this is probably the reason why many addicts and alcoholics resist treatment

The main question that is asked when deciding to stop drinking alcohol or drugs is this: what can be done to change this behavior? The solution follows from the question. People know this is completely simplified, but this is not a question and answer template that follows the reasoning of most people. Families often look for affordable programs and then integrate their loved ones into the system, waiting for them to repair them. Am I addicted, but this is delayed.

Support groups and counselors can be crutches. Some support groups actually apply conditions of artificial dependence, although many of the connections made and the correct actions are useful.

In conclusion

People who abuse drugs and alcohol need new skills, abilities and confidence that END depends on drugs and alcohol to succeed and fulfill their dreams. They need to get rid of their artificial labels and addictive personality.

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