What Can You Expect From Menopause Symptoms

When menopause begins, you will notice many changes which are known as menopause symptoms. Sometimes, they are not so easy to handle, so the medicine specialists had designed natural remedies which are very effective in reducing the menopause symptoms.


Every woman has some kind of symptoms, but the common thing for all women is the lack of the period. You are officially in menopause when the one year passes from your last period. Besides this, menopause symptoms are different for every woman.

Hot flushes are one of the most irritating symptoms

The changes that you will notice are mentally, emotionally and physically. The mood changes will appear, which means, for example, that you can switch to anger quick. You may feel anxious, or depressed. Your body may easily gain weight, the skin and hair become dry, you may have headaches or dizziness. Also, general energy can be quite low.

There are some symptoms of menopause according to Australian Menopause Centre which can be quite severe for some women. That is hot flushes, which are quite irritating as they can come any time, they can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. During the heatwave, a woman usually starts to sweat, and some women even have red marks on the neck chest and face.

Night sweats are very similar to hot flushes, but they are happening during the night, and they can cause so much sweat, that even sheets are wet. Vaginal dryness is also quite a big issue. Due to lack of lubrication, you will experience pain during the intercourse, but in some cases, pain appears when a woman is sitting, peeing or exercising.

Menopause Treatments

Treating menopause is now easier than before, as modern medicine has developed great natural remedies. These remedies you can get only from your doctor, so it will be the best to do some research first and find a reputable clinic such as menopause clinic in Perth like Australian Menopause Centre, where the professional doctor will do the examination and decide the therapy for you.

The base of medications are hormones

These remedies are designed to be natural, which means that they are very similar to your bodies hormones and they function very well. The most popular ones are bioidentical hormones, and they are used as a replacement for the synthetic hormones. They are making hormone balance in your body, and by that, they are reducing the menopause symptoms.

These remedies can be in the form of tablets, creams, and patches. Progesterone and estrogen creams are the ones which are used a lot, and they are also managing hormone balance. When they are applied on the skin, the skin is capable to absorb some amount, into the bloodstream, until next applying. So these creams are applied two or three times a day.

Final word

If you are in your late 40s, maybe you should start researching more about the menopause. The knowledge will help you to be better prepared when the menopause comes.

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