Why is it essential to have straight teeth in humans

Why is it essential to have straight teeth in humans?

Having straight teeth will bring out a smile which will look beautiful on anybody’s face. A smile is the important thing that any person notes on one’s face followed by eyes. Rather than looks, it also helps to have a good oral health which in turn provides a good overall health too. If you are someone from Madrid and looking for a dental check up or awaiting treatment for any oral problems, then ortodoncia Madrid can help to get rid of all your oral issues.

There are several reasons why having straight teeth in humans is essential. They are as follows,

  • Cleaning tends to be easier with straight teeth. Unaligned teeth cause problems in brushing over time. It gives way for the food remains on the mouth to settle in between tooth and results in building up of infections and possibly results in formation of cavities which will need a painful treatment in the future.
  • Flossing is as necessary as brushing which can remove 70% of the food remains in between the teeth. It becomes difficult when you have unaligned and crooked teeth. When you don’t clean your mouth properly it results in tooth decay and bad breath problems which finally result in losing the particular tooth.
  • Over a long time, if brushing does not clean your teeth properly then there is a highest possibility to get affected by bacteria causing infections and gum diseases. This in turn will have an adverse effect on the overall health too.

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  • If permanent tooth is lost due to any of the oral issues then it may severely affect the health of jawbone causing more loss of teeth in future. So it is important to consult an orthodontist to get the appropriate treatment for your oral issues. ortodoncia Madrid has several experienced orthodontists who can consult and provide best treatments for all sorts of oral problems.
  • Unaligned teeth cannot properly chew the food items that we intake. So the initial digestion which has to take place inside mouth will not be successful. It results in poor digestion which will further stop our body from absorbing the required nutrients from the food.
  • If unaligned teeth is sharp or in different shape, it may easily break when you accidently hit somewhere. When a pressure was accidently applied on the teeth, then it may severely hurt the gum and jaw bone.

So it is vital to take care of your oral health which has plenty of connections with the overall health. In this modern world, you can make use of wide variety of treatment for various oral issues from a good orthodontist available all over the world.

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