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Corona – prevention steps

Wherever we go and whatever we do, corona virus is one of the most common words that we cannot ignore in current trend. Day by day the number of people who are affected because of corona virus is highly increasing. More than hundred nations around the world are severely affected because of this disease. Even though many people are recovering, the dead rate is also getting increased day by day. The people who want to stay out of this deadly virus should make sure to follow certain precautions. Some of the most important things that can help us to stay away from corona virus are mentioned in this article.

How effective is favipiravir against COVID-19?

Way of greeting

The first and foremost habit that is to be changed is greeting the person by shaking hands. Obviously the corona virus will easily spread through this way of greeting. Hence one must avoid shaking hands with other.

Wear mask

The other basic but effective step which should be taken against corona virus is one must wear mask while going out. Especially while going in the public places like shopping malls, theatres, worship places, hospitals or any other crowded area mask should be used without any constraint. And the other important thing that is to be noted is the best quality mask should be used. There are many different types of masks available in the market today. Hence one must choose the best mask which can really protect them from the corona virus.

Do not form crowd

One of the most common mistakes done by many people is forming crowd. It is to be noted that in this corona situation, forming crowd is more dangerous than they sound to be. This is because in case if one person in the crowd is affected because of corona, the entire people in the crowd will get affected by corona virus. Forming crowd unnecessarily should be strictly avoided.


Sanitizing the surroundings more often is more important for getting rid of corona virus. The things which are brought from outside should be sanitized properly before storing them in home. One must also sanitize their hand after returning from work or after finishing their work in outdoor. The sanitizer which is rich in alcohol content should be used as only such sanitizer will help in killing the corona virus. The medical institutions which are treating the corona patients should also use the best medicine for the treatment. The favipiravir Manufacturer can be approached for buying the best quality medicines for treating corona.

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