How Effective Is Biotin For Hair Loss?

How Effective Is Biotin For Hair Loss?

You can find biotin also known as vitamin B7 and vitamin H in a lot of hair care products available in the market these days. Biotin is a vitamin that acts as a coenzyme to aid the biochemical reaction between fat, protein and carbohydrates present in your body. Generally, the food that we eat is a primary source of biotin in our body. However, if the body is not able to meet the minimum requirement of biotin, one may experience a sudden increase in hair fall. If you want to know the benefits of using biotin for hair then continue reading till the end.

Natural sources of Biotin:

Biotin can be found in various vegetables, nuts and meat sources.

  • Egg yolks
  • Spinach
  • White mushrooms
  • Wheat
  • Red meat

Benefits of using biotin for hair:


  1. Prevent gray hair: Gray hair is an inevitable part of life and can be prevented through some measures. Luckily, biotin has found to be effective in reversing premature greying of black hair and retains your natural hair color. It should be noted that biotin can only prevent the greying of hair if it is caused by its deficiency.
  2. Reduce hair loss: You might have already heard about how vitamin B is necessary for reducing your hair fall. Consistent consumption of biotin supplements can help to reduce immoderate hair loss. It also helps to prevent bald spots and receding hairline.
  3. Thicker hair: Consuming biotin products also adds strength and shine to compliment your natural hair. Moreover, it adds volume to your hair and prevents split ends.
  4. Hair growth: Since hair fall is caused by the deficiency of biotin in our systems, ensuring it’s enough consumption can trigger hair growth. You can use it in the form of hair masks, shampoos, conditioners and hair oils.
  5. Alopecia: Alopecia is referred to as a condition in which losing hair turns into spot baldness at various places on the scalp. People of all age groups can suffer from Alopecia. However, biotin is proved to be effective in curing Alopecia if used in combination with other elements such as Zinc.

Side effects of Biotin:


One should always consider his doctor before trying on something new which is unfamiliar to the body. Likewise, if you are planning to try biotin for hair growth then you should probably consult your family doctor. Too much ingestion of biotin can cause skin irritation, rashes and kidney problems in some extreme cases to the consumer. Moreover, biotin has not been tested safe for pregnant women or nursing women yet.

It is further advised that you should not take a heavy dosage of biotin in the first attempt. 30 mcg/day is the daily allowance for biotin supplements.

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