How to Know That You Need to Go For a Dental Exam

When we look ourselves in the mirror every day, we just superficially check how white our teeth looks after brushing. But, that is all that most of us do. We are not very caring of our oral hygiene. Brushing in the morning once, and once at night and some times flossing is all that one follows as a daily regimen. Is that enough to keep our teeth strong and healthy? May be not. It is our negligence that lands us in big time trouble with our teeth to the point of getting them extracted. That is why, a dental exam is necessary at regular intervals.

Many may differ on this, as they find dental exams to be unnecessary and a cost that is not to be levied. However, if you are looking forward to keeping further costlier dental treatments away, then it might be a good idea to visit a dentist while still there is time. So, how do you know that it is time for you to visit a dentist?

Following are the signs that should help you schedule a check up without further delay:

You are having sensitivity issues– Earlier, you used to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee or having an ice cream without much hassle. Of late, if you see that your teeth is averse to hot or cold temperatures, then you might be experiencing sensitivity issues. If you don’t treat this problem soon, then it can result in tooth decay. You could see tooth root exposure, wearing down of the tooth enamel or gum recession.

Bad breath- A few people might experience bad breath in the morning, but if you have foul breath throughout the day, then there is some problem. Bad breath may be a result of poor oral hygiene, as well as poor diet.

You see blood from your gums- If you experience blood coming from your gums during flossing or brushing, then this might be a sign for gum disease. Bleeding gums might be very painful and things can get way out of hand quickly if you don’t consider a dental exam to find the cause.

Toothache- An infected tooth can result in excessive pain if not dealt on time. Toothache can disrupt your daily life. Moreover, one infected tooth can result in affecting other healthy teeth. A timely dental exam can save the tooth from getting extracted. If not, you might have to undergo a extraction, which might be more painful.

You have skipped visiting a dentist for a long time– It is true that visiting a dentist for routine dental check up is not our habit. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is everyone’s responsibility, but most of us tend to overlook this necessity. So, if you have not visited a dentist for many years, it might be time to get an appointment fixed. A routine check up should be scheduled every 6 months.

Your teeth does not enhance your appearance only. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene is crucial because of maintaining one’s all over health. So, don’t rethink. Get yourself a dental exam while still there is time.

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