Some facts about your Wisdom Teeth!

What are wisdom teeth, and why are they called so? Wisdom teeth basically are your third molars. As they grow between 17 and 25 years, these teeth are called as wisdom teeth. A good count of people has to deal with their third molars at some point in their life. Now let us check out some of the facts about these troublesome teeth and why wisdom teeth removal Sydney is necessary.

Why do we have Wisdom Teeth?

For early humans, the third row of molars was necessary to chew. Our ancestors, unlike us, had a much hard diet like meat, leaves, and roots, which may have worn out their teeth faster. In that case, the wisdom teeth were needed to support chewing. As time passed by, the food we consume has changed significantly, so wisdom teeth are no longer required.

However, some people never develop the third molars at all as a result of evolution. On the other hand, some people develop them but have no problems. In most cases, a huge percentage of people have to undergo wisdom teeth removal.

Why do Wisdom Teeth cause problems?

Human beings, as a result of evolution, have developed smaller jaws compared to our ancestors. As a result of this, we don’t have sufficient room in our mouth for accommodating the budding teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth crowd other teeth causing cosmetic problems and result in swollen gums, pain in the jaw, and other irritation in the mouth.

One common problem most of us face is that our wisdom teeth grow impacted. This happens when the teeth are misaligned, especially when there is no space to break through the surface, causing discomfort.

One other problem with these teeth is that they grow at the far back, so they are difficult to clean. This poses a risk of tooth decay and infection. For this reason, dentists often recommend wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

How to know if your Wisdom Teeth are causing problems?

Normally, your dentist will identify this when you visit him for dental checkups. However, if you experience painful gums, jaws, swelling, or weird taste at the back of your mouth, check with your dentist to find out if something is going wrong.

Should I have cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney?

Answers to this question should be given only by your dentist. The X-rays he takes will show if your wisdom teeth are growing in and if there is space for them to grow appropriately. In some cases, the dentist suggests removing these teeth as a precautionary measure.

What should I know about Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Getting your wisdom teeth out is no fun. However, if these teeth are potential problems, it is wise to get them addressed at the earliest. Teenagers and early adults are good candidates for wisdom teeth removal. Many dentists suggest affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney at an early age. This is because the teeth roots are not completely formed yet, and the recovery would be easier.

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