Structure & Functions Of Different Kinds Of the Drug Treatment Center

The drug treatment center, known as the rehabilitation center or clinic, is the place designed especially for the rehabilitation and treatment of the drug addicts. With the professional care of medical professionals & specialists employed, drug treatment center will help the addicted person to cope with the physical and mental problems and find the right way to return to the normal life. Normally, they will help the addicts through the medical help & psychological therapy. Additionally, the centers offer counseling to the close friends and family so they will understand this situation much better. 

Types of Drug Rehab Centers

You will find many drug treatment facilities across the country & the world, which follow the concept. They treat the patients as per their psychological and physiological needs. Every center has got a little difference in their kind of programs that they provide. However, basis of the programs is normally the same.

drug treatment center

The drug rehab centers normally are of following types: residential drug treatment or inpatient center, outpatient center, adolescent treatment center and long-term treatment center.

  1. For any severe addiction, the treatment at the inpatient or residential drug treatment center will be advised. The residential treatment makes this simple for an addicted individual to follow the treatment in the positive & healthy way in the drug-free environment. It helps the patient to start the new life rhythm as well as get rid of the old lifestyle.
  2. Outpatient center generally offers many important services. It includes group therapy, individual counseling, medication, and different kinds of the life-skill education. Also, they schedule the normal life-hour over the patients & make them follow the timetable. Minor and moderate degrees of the addiction will be treated & cured through outpatient programs centers.
  3. Long-term centers, as its name suggests, are generally meant for offering the long-term and life-long addiction treatment to these patients. They’re for the patients with the long or severe history of the addiction. Treatment will stretch for one or more year. Sometimes these patients might need to follow some guidelines for the lifetime to avoid any relapse.
  4. The adolescent treatment facilities are generally meant for offering the treatment exclusively for the teenagers & pre-adults. The young people from such age group experience lots of physical & mental changes. It is the precarious stage of life and is susceptible to the drugs at such point of time. So, they require special care that includes suitable therapy & counseling. The adolescent treatment facilities serve such purpose.



All the drug treatment centers generally have some general functions. So, the primary goal is helping the addicted person to overcome their addiction & return to the normal and happy life.

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