Oxycodone Mexico

The Mexican Connection

Oxycodone is a well known drug in the American medical market. Originally designed as a popular reliever of pain, Oxycodene then descended to use as a recreational   narcotic, particularly favored by the Young. Since it was a mild painkiller, with a comparatively soft addiction, no one seemed to be too bothered. It was felt to be easily shakable. But then a Demon appeared from across the Southern Border. Modeled exactly on the Oxycodone , this tablet was the same blue color, and had the same markings on the side (a “30” and  an “M”). But the ingredients were dangerously different. This tablet contained, instead of Oxycodone, the lethal drug called Fentanyl. And it was viciously addictive. Before long, this altered False Oxycodone had ridden piggyback on the real thing, and extended its iron grip on the length and breadth of the USA. Since it migrated from across the Border, the nickname Oxycodone Mexico Mexican Oxy was coined.

A Drug Called Fentanyl

Fentanyl is an extremely powerful synthetic analgesic that is over a hundred times as more explosive than Morphine. It is medically meant for severe pain management such as after serious surgery. Often also used to treat chronic pain as well, it is less well known for its strong addictive properties. Licensed Medical Practitioners are naturally very cautious about its use, knowing well how addictive it is. It has inherent tolerance, and over time, larger and larger quantities are required to get the desired effect.

Oxycodone Mexico

The Menace

The Oxycodone Mexico has become an epidemic addiction, not just with the American young, but now has also spread across its country of origin. Camouflaged as it is, the drug has resulted in the death of numerous addicts. Even iconic personalities like Prince have fallen under its influence and died. One of the most lethal drugs in circulation right now, the drug works by binding to the body’s Opioid Receptors in the Brain. When taken in overdose, instead of acting as a pain reliever, the drug creates an extreme high in a short time. But after some time the high wears off and the body continues demanding more ingestion of Fentanyl. The Brain is finally made to stop functioning all together and death results.

The Treatment

The US has already organized its vast resources to create rehab centers across the country, but other countries are not so lucky. Granite Mountain is one of the best such centers. Located in the Prescott Valley, overshadowed by the blue Granite Mountains in the state of Arizona, this peaceful, healthy and quiet property has acres of wooded countryside on which this center is located. Treatment here is tailored according to the needs, strengths and rehab goals of each patient.

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