Useful tips about wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth are different in size from other teeth, and, in many cases, can cause dental problems. The pain after a wisdom tooth surgery is usually annoying. Besides, there is a possibility of infection after the wisdom tooth extraction. So, in this article, you will learn some useful tips about wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom teeth are not always formed and, therefore, do not exist in the gum for some people. This may have various reasons, such as inheritance. In many cases, patients decide to extract their wisdom tooth, but this can be painful.

Wisdom teeth and the pain after extraction

 The wisdom teeth eruption is usually associated with various dental problems, including vague and sometimes severe pain. There is also swelling and inflammation of the gums around the wisdom teeth while growing. A type of gingival complication may occur due to wisdom teeth eruption, which is scientifically called pericoronitis. Pericoronitis is also a painful complication that needs dental treatment and even surgery.

Wisdom tooth growth process

 Wisdom teeth do not always grow naturally and directly, and sometimes they are tilted towards the tooth next to them. In this case, the wisdom tooth lies horizontally in the jawbone and cannot grow and, therefore, remains hidden in the jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth typically should be extracted through a surgical procedure, since it can lead to severe dental problems. It has been proven that lower wisdom teeth are more prone to get stuck inside the gum tissue.

 The role of wisdom teeth in chewing

 Many wisdom teeth do not mate properly with teeth around them after the eruption and, therefore, do not play a significant role in chewing. Wisdom teeth are very vulnerable to dental decay because they are located in a place inside the mouth and do not get cleaned easily by flossing or brushing. They usually decay sooner than other teeth and need to be extracted.

 The pain after wisdom tooth extraction

 It isn’t easy to repair and fill wisdom teeth. Their extraction may be more complicated than other teeth too. Besides, the pain after a wisdom tooth extraction usually is annoying. Infection is also possible after the wisdom tooth extraction.

 When is the time to visit a dentist?

It is best for each person to visit a dentist at least twice a year to prevent potential problems that a wisdom tooth can cause.

Wisdom tooth surgery

In general, dental treatments are associated with stress for most patients, and this stress usually doubles during surgery. They are exceedingly afraid of wisdom tooth surgery because they have heard a lot about its pain. Wisdom tooth surgeryis at least one of the most challenging types of oral surgery, which in some cases, such as impacted wisdom teeth, can be a breathtaking challenge for the dentist and the patient both. If tooth extraction is not a complicated process, the dentist pulls out your wisdom tooth in only 20 minutes. However, tooth extraction surgery may take more than two hours.

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