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What are the Causes and Long Term Issues of Alcohol Abuse

As we all know, partying and going out with friends can be a fun activity. Of course, a party is never a party without alcohol. Being adults, you already know what alcohol can do and how it can give you temporary relief from all your troubles.

Most of the time, getting drunk can be a blast when you’re enjoying it with friends. But when you’re drinking alcohol, and you’re alone regularly, this is when it starts to get tricky. So, how does alcohol addiction start? What points a person from sporadic drinking to full-blown addiction? Sadly, the answers to these questions are not very simple to answer.

Alcoholism is a combined result of psychological, genetic, social, and environmental factors. The more risks, the more likely they are to fall as an alcoholic in the long run. Sometimes, these factors are not controllable. So, let’s break it down one by one:

Detox of South Florida

Changes in Environment and Stress

There are many reasons behind getting stressed. It could be because of work, money, personal problems, and an endless list of others. While not all people make alcohol a solution when releasing stress, there are still some who use it as a way to forget about their worries.

When someone has a stressful job, the tendency is to drink more. This is understandable, but using it as a way to escape, become numb, or a daily remedy to cure unhealthy emotions is terrible. If you find that you are one of those people, it would be better to de-stress healthily like going to the gym, taking a nap, or reading a book.

Starting to Drink at a Young Age 

Let’s face it; we get exposed to many things as children. One of these things is drinking alcohol. Those who begin drinking at a young age are at risk of developing a dependence on alcohol as they grow up.

It’s because it becomes a habit that many tend to be comfortable with. It could also be because the body is starting to get used to the consumption, and the tolerance may increase.

Mental Health Related Issues

Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar, and many others can increase the risk of alcohol addiction. These mental health conditions are hard to control at times, and the effects of alcohol can temporarily numb the impact of one’s emotions. This can resort to excessive drinking and then leads to alcohol addiction.

Try Seeking Professional Assistance

If you find that your alcohol consumption is starting to become bothersome and you want to manage it, the best solution would be to go to a rehabilitation center. Rehab clinics are designed to help you find coping mechanisms that are healthier and safer. They can also give you alternative activities and help you shape better habits.

One of the most recommended clinics that we can suggest can be found at They have excellent programs that can help you with your condition. Check them out!

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