What to Do in Emergency Dental Cases?

The occurrence of dental emergencies is one of the common dental problems. Because of their nature, dental emergencies put the patient in a situation where negligence and mistakes can have irreversible consequences. In such cases, the patient should seek the Toronto emergency dental clinic in the shortest possible time. In addition to his technical and scientific abilities in repairing and regenerating oral tissue, the emergency dentist is sufficiently aware and prepared when dealing with such events.

In the emergency dental office, life-threatening situations can happen to anyone, including a patient, physician, office staff, or just the patient. Although these situations do not normally occur in the emergency dental office in Toronto, some factors can increase the incidence of accidents. These factors include:

  1. Increasing the number of older people seeking dental treatment.
  2. An increase in the number of patients referred to medical emergencies in the dental office.
  3. The tendency to have longer sessions
  4. Increasing the use and prescribing of drugs by the emergency dentist

The most common medical emergencies that occur during an emergency dental treatment are as follows:

– Diabetic emergencies

– Hyperventilation

– Vasovagal syncope

– Postural hypotension

– Allergies / Hypersensitivity reactions

– Acute Adrenal Insufficiency

– Asthma- Status Asthmaticus

– Cardiac Chest Pain-Myocardial infarction

– Epilepsy- Status Epilepticus

On the other hand, some other factors can minimize the possibility of risky emergencies. Some of these factors are:

1- Complete physical examination of the emergency patient by the emergency dentist before dental treatment, which is a complete question of the patient’s medical history by a questionnaire and physical examination of the patient in the Toronto emergency dental clinic

2- Possible changes in the treatment of the emergency patient’s teeth to minimize the possible risks

Methods of Preventing Dental Emergency

Most emergency situations are preventable. In many cases, accidents and trauma are the cause of dental emergencies. Participating in martial arts is another reason for such a situation. You can take better care of your mouth and teeth by using the following tips.

– Provide mouth guard to protect your teeth if you participate in violent martial arts and team sports. You can get a mouthguard from a pharmacy or visit the emergency dentist in Toronto if you need more accurate models. The Toronto emergency dentist will make a custom mouth guard for you by molding your mouth.

– Some bad oral habits can cause damage to your teeth. Chewing ice, pencil and pen tips, hard candies, and anything hard can damage tooth structure. Chewing hard objects can cause cracks in the enamel and can break teeth in the long run. You can protect your teeth by quitting these harmful habits.

– Do not use your teeth as tools. Opening soft drinks and cans with teeth and tearing packages with teeth is not the right thing to do. Use scissors and a door opener for this.

Many emergency dentists in Toronto examine and treats emergency patients in the shortest possible time. Emergency patients are treated even earlier than those who have already had an appointment. When contacting an emergency dentist in Toronto, get the best description of your condition as much as possible to make an easier decision about your treatment.

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