Philips CPAP machine

CPAP Lawsuit: Understanding the Worth

CPAP machines can do a lot of damage to the human body when there are defects. Philips had recently recalled some of its machines due to technical faults in them. However, they were a little late in doing so.

People who bought and used the recalled machines are filing a lawsuit for CPAP. These machines have proved to be hazardous to human health and can cause diseases as deadly as pneumonia and cancer.

How much can you get from a CPAP lawsuit?

We are still very early in CPAP recall litigation; therefore, we can say not much about the amount. A CPAP lawsuit does not have a fixed amount of worth. Usually, the company pays for only the medical bills of the victim or even less. Therefore it is vital to have a good lawyer for your defense.

For the best outcome, you can consult with an attorney at Shouse Injury Law Group. Their skilled lawyers can help you get the payout for your injury.

The bigger the injury, the more significant is the payout. The highest compensations are received by people with cancer, respiratory problems, and organ damage such as liver and kidney failure. People with cancer are likely to be paid around $100,000 to $500,000.

CPAP Lawsuit: Understanding the Worth

Here, we are not only talking about compensation for medical bills. When a person gets sick, a lot of things are changed and affected in their life.

For example, they can’t go to work and thus lose their source of income. This can further result in the patients not being able to pay their bills at home. And if the injury causes them to never return to work again, they lose their source of income, and their future is endangered.

Apart from that, even if a patient is out of danger, they can ask for compensation from the company for putting their lives in danger and causing their mental health to deteriorate.

Therefore, focusing only on medical bills will do you no justice. Bottom line, seriously injured patients can expect a hundred to five hundred thousand dollars while minorly injured ones are expected to receive at least $10,000 to $50,000.

Not sure if you qualify for compensation?

Any person who has purchased a CPAP machine from Philips is entitled to compensation, whether you have a significant injury or not. Even if you have minor symptoms, you are eligible to apply.

It is recommended to consult with a lawyer before registering your defective device at Philips’ website to avoid putting in any information that may be used against you and cost you your payout.

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