Female Hair Transplantation to Prevent Hair Loss

Female Hair Transplantation to Prevent Hair Loss

Recently, more and more women suffering from hair loss are looking for answers to their hair transplant questions as they want to find a long-term solution to their problem. Women get tired of buying wigs to hide thinning hair and receding hairline. On the other hand, men with male pattern baldness have enjoyed the results of hair transplant surgery over the past few years, and it is time for women to receive the same privilege.

There is now another option that can often solve the problem of female pattern baldness.

With today’s improved surgical techniques, female hair transplants will be much better than in previous years. The transplant is not suitable for all women suffering from thinning hair. A transplant is usually recommended for women with a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern baldness.

In addition to genetic disorders, another known cause of hair loss in women is the result of hormonal imbalances seen due to childbirth, menopause, use of certain birth control pills, and the presence of ovarian cysts. Other causes include chronic health problems, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, certain medications, and stress and anxiety.

Men usually lose hair in certain areas, such as receding hairline, while hair loss manifests itself more, in general, thinning in women. Hair loss in women results in a transparent scalp. If a woman is an outstanding candidate for a female hair transplant, she must have a suitable donor region where hair follicles can be obtained. The condition and number of hair follicles and the flexibility of the epidermis should be considered before deciding on hair restoration procedures.


In a woman’s hair restoration surgery, the surgeon removes the follicles on the scalp where full hair growth is observed and transplants a small number of these follicles into the affected area. Usually, the Skyclinic doctor obtains high quality hair from the back of the scalp and then transplants it to the areas of the scalp experiencing hair loss. If the transplanted hair is of poor quality, the operation will usually not be successful.

If hair is removed from an area with thinner hair, the new hair in the transplanted area will also be thinner and of lower quality. The transplanted hair follicles can take a long time to grow back and may not look the way they did before the onset of baldness. On the other hand, the head will be covered with natural hair follicles for several months after the procedure due to the woman’s long hair.

Before figuring out if a hair transplant is the best strategy for a woman, it should be mentioned that the cost of a hair transplant for women can be somewhat high. You will discover many treatments for hair loss in women that can be cheaper, but hair transplants usually cost depending on the number of hair transplants that need to be performed. Apart from the price, it is often difficult to find a surgeon who performs transplant procedures for women.

At the end

You can find various hair loss treatment options to provide satisfactory results. These options include hormone therapy, scalp enlargement, and many others.

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