The warmth of the hands, the various stimuli and stretching massage strokes stimulate receptors in the muscles and pull the muscle spindles apart. This stimulates their blood circulation, the tension in the muscles decreases and they relax. Metabolic processes in the muscles can now take place normally again and possible over-acidification can be balanced out.

The relaxation of the muscles also has an effect on psychological well-being. When people are not in a good mental state, the body is usually tense. If, on the other hand, the muscle tension disappears through a massage near me in Sugar Land, TX, one automatically feels more relaxed and the mind brightens.

A better mood after a massage also has a hormonal origin,that less stress hormones are released through massages. Instead, more happiness hormones, such as the so-called cuddle hormone oxytoxin, are produced. So massages can really lift the mood.

A specially performed relaxation massage should take place in a calm and warm atmosphere. Even if oils are not absolutely necessary, they can support the effect of a massage, as this makes the skin smoother , which is usually much more pleasant for the person being massaged. In addition, the aromas in the oils can also have a calming and relaxing effect.

Be careful not to massage on the bone and especially not on the spine. In addition, the pressure on the skin and muscles should always remain comfortable, true to the motto: as strong as necessary, as gentle as possible. So nothing should stand in the way of a soothing massage.

A massage is prescribed by the doctor if it is necessary due to certain clinical pictures, such as blockages in the spine. More and more patients come to me who have to sit a lot because of their job and whose back and neck muscles are underdeveloped or tense as a result.

With neck tension at the desk, you often instinctively massage your neck yourself in order to relax for a short time. You sit upright, the environment in the workplace rarely really has a feel-good factor and that means you just can’t really loosen up your muscles. Instead, you can briefly release uncomfortable tension by alternately pulling your shoulders up and down.

By rubbing and kneading as well as knocking, deeper tissue layers can be penetrated. You should refrain from a massage if you have a fever or a thrombosis.

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