B12 shots san antonio

Know how MIC Injections with vitamin b12 kick starts weight loss

 Lipotropic MIC injections are known to decrease fat in different parts of the body by administering injection filled with Methionine, choline and inositol with vitamin b12 and other vitamin and nutrients. The b12 shots san antonio when administered increases metabolic rate in the individual who took injection and increased metabolic rate increases fat trimming in various parts and even provides the body with energy and multiple benefits.

The injections alone don’t show much effect on the body so it is added with proper food intake and no high calories food and few food restrictions and along with proper exercise to the body. This type of combination shown great results in weight loss.


Lipotropics are compounds that in breaking of fat deposits in the liver. Many people who took isotropic injections shown good results and some didn’t show how results different for every individual, These lipotropic increase the metabolism rate of the individual and that increased rate helps in fat metabolism and turn, decreases fat in the


Vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 is a type of water-soluble vitamin which means that this type of vitamin doesn’t exist in the body. This generally gets removed from the body and does not get reserved by the body.

Its eliminated from the body through the urine very quickly.

Weekly once vitamin b12 injection is necessary so that even if vitaminb12 is decreased in the body it can be replaced.

B12 shots san antonio

How weight loss differs in individuals

Weight loss differs from person to person, in some people it acts faster and within a week there will be changes in their weights but in some people, it takes many weeks. If the person feels more tired he is advised to take vitamin injection twice a week.

Lipotropic therapy is best comparatively

Lipotropic injections are better for weight loss and the best option compared to other such as liposuction because liposuction requires operating.

Even lipotropic injection benefits the body in a better way as it provides energy to the body and components used in MIC helps in digesting foods, It’s less invasive when compared to other weight loss procedures, such as liposuction and complications also.

This MIC injects even regulates hormones and providing nutrition to the body as it is filled with various nutrients.

Dosage of injection

 This lipotropic injection is known to provide good results in decreasing weight but it varies from individual to individual. When taken along with good exercise it gives long-lasting good results and even health benefits.

The dosage of the injection is not the same for everyone but it varies depending on the individual’s body mass index. And the injections advised being taken till the target weight is reached.

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