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Things You Should Take Care Of Before Getting A Mammography

Looking forward to a mammogram test? Every woman should get mammography done once in a while, especially those above forty years of age. It is one of the most time-tested methods to identify any cancerous element present in any woman’s breast. However, like every other test, it also has certain look considerations.

If you are new to this domain, don’t worry as we have provided a detailed list of certain things you should look out for before getting mammography.

What Is A Mammography Test?

To understand the process better, you must first know what it is. A Mammography NJ is a process that involves screening of either of the breasts or both by using an X-Ray to examine the body part better. It is done to detect any mass or lump in the breast which may or may not have cancer-related elements. Around the world, each month millions of women are detected with breast cancer since it is the most common type of cancer found in females. The test is so far one of the most significant methods to identify cancerous growths in breasts.

Mammography Test

Things You Should Take Care Of 

After understanding what the test is all about, now let’s discuss certain vital points before you get a mammography test. These are:

  • Take a bath before getting a test.
  • Wear comfortable clothing like a two-piece attire since you have to remove the upper clothing completely for the test. Wearing a one-piece dress won’t be suitable and you might have to struggle with changing it and wearing the on-clinic test robes.
  • Skip the perfumes, deodorants, or any beauty creams before coming for a test. They might cause unclear images.
  • Instead of visiting different clinics each time you have to do a Mammography NJ, choose the same clinic so that you can get accurate reports and coherent comparisons of each.
  • Choose the clinic that specializes in mammography.
  • You might feel a certain amount of pain and discomfort during the test procedure. It is vital, therefore, to schedule your visit on days when you are not feeling swelling or tenderness already.
  • Keep your previous mammograms, reports, etc. in a file and carry it before going to a new clinic or for the procedure itself for the first time.


A mammography test is the most accurate procedure available today that can help identify any tumour or abnormal growth in your breasts. Thereby, you must get regular tests done to maintain a healthy check-up routine for yourself!

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