Tips for Finding Portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

You should know ULT or ultra-low temperature freezer would provide you peace of mind regarding durability and efficiency.

Most of them can last up to fifteen years and more, depending on the model you choose. As soon as you check here, you will learn more about ULT freezers industry.

However, before you make up your mind, you should know the main characteristics to check, which will help you choose the best option on the market.

That way, you can protect your samples; use them for laboratory purposes and other reasons depending on your preferences and requirements.

Things to Consider When Choosing ULT Freezer

It is vital to remember that a single ULT models comes with numerous features and factors you should consider before making up your mind.

The first decision you should make is the type you want to get because we can differentiate upright or chest freezers depending on your needs.

You should know that chest types are more durable than upright models. Simultaneously, you can set particular freezing points much faster, while maintenance will be a piece of cake.

Therefore, you should know that a chest freezer’s footprintcould be a problem if you have a small lab, which you should remember beforehand.

In the further article, we wish to present you other factors you should consider before deciding the best course of action.

1.   Refrigerants

Choosing the type of refrigerants will reduce overall energy consumption, which can go higher if you find CFC. Of course, nowadays, CFC standards went into history due to harsh regulations that banned them, so hydrocarbon refrigerants became essential aspects.

The main reason for their popularity is high efficiency compared with other options that you can choose on the market. Therefore, they will not lose heat due to surroundings, which was a common problem with CFC, among other things.

Before finding portable ultra low temperature freezer, you should know a few things about it, which is why we recommend you to enter the link we shared with you.

Of course, you can find environment-friendly options such a Propane (R290) and Ethane (R170), which are also efficient, but you will have to spare a significant price tag.

At the same time, these two options are highly flammable, which means that you can use them only in specific situations.

2.   Temperature Regulation

As soon as you set up a freezer, the main idea is to cool it down to room temperature so that you can set a desired one and place items you wish to store. However, the unfreezing time can range between nine and twenty-six hours, depending on themodel you want to get.

Based on a few studies, pull downtime depends on compressor efficiency, the insulation type, and shelves positioning, apart from other factors.

Generally, the time it requires to reach a desired ambient temperature from -80-degrees C is a warm-up time. This detailed information is essential in case of malfunction and power outage.

Studies we have mentioned above have noticed that if you cut power and keep the doors closed, the freezer needs approximately nine hours to reach -50-degrees C and forty-eight hours to get zero degrees after malfunction or outage.

Therefore, you should check out this detailed information before buying a separate freezer because you can protect your samples and data while moving or due to natural disasters.

Remember that insulation options that feature foam and vacuum insulation panels, door gasket design, and twin compressors will ensure energy efficiency while maintaining the overall temperature you need to protect particular samples.

That is the main reason why you should analyze specifications to prevent samples from spoiling and causing severe disasters.

3.   Temperature Uniformity

You should also check out the temperature variation inside the ultra-low temperature freezer that will help you determine potential issues that may happen.

As soon as you check the relevant data, you will know where to place particular testing probes inside, which will prevent spoiling and other problems.

Remember that each freezer comes with specific temperature variations in different areas, which means that the warmest spots are along with the door and at the top of it.

You should watch this video: to learn more about this particular topic.

4.   Capacity

Finally, you should consider an overall capacity or storage volume before you make up your mind. Most of them vary based on design and type, meaning that size can range between two-hundred and eight-hundred liters.

Of course, the larger capacities will be more significant, which means that you should check out a room you wish to place in. For instance, if you have limited space, you should get smaller options.

However, you should know that smaller ones feature higher energy consumption compared with large ones.

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