Seek an Orthopaedic

When to Seek an Orthopaedic?

After an injury, many people will try to heal it at home rather than with an orthopedic surgeon. They may take over-the-counter medications or take rest to help their body recover. They can consult with their health care provider if self-medication does not help. However, sometimes you may need to see an orthopedic surgeon to completely heal from your injury. In fact, there may be some symptoms in which a person needs to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible.

When stability is lost

If a person’s shoulder or knee continues to fail, it usually means a severe tendon or ligament rupture. Ligaments and tendons are the connective tissues that hold everything in place. A tendon connects muscle to bone, and a ligament connects bone to bone. Although almost all sprains or strains are associated with a particular tear, these tears usually heal. However, if it is severely torn, the bones can slip out of place and cause instability. In these cases, the tendons will not be able to heal on their own and you will need to see an orthopedic surgeon.

When range of motion is lost

Loss of range of motion is another sign of serious damage to a tendon or ligament. Although it is normal to lose a small range of motion after injury, it is not normal when range of motion is severely limited. If a person is unable to move a joint more than 50% of its normal range of motion, it is important to consult an orthopedic physician as the damage can be serious and require surgery.

Seek an Orthopaedic

When creaking or clicking sound is heard after injury

A strong clicking or grinding sound after injury or even over time can indicate a compromised joint. The cartilage between the joints can wear out and the bone can rub directly against the bone. This can cause a clicking or grinding sensation when the joint is moved. To solve this problem, it is often important that the person consults with an orthopedic doctor. Your doctor may suggest an injection or surgery to stop clicking or grinding sounds.

If there is severe damage to tendons, ligaments, or bones, it is important to consult a podiatrist. In an emergency, such as a broken bone, this may be obvious.

Today, thanks to advances in medical research, there are many new and improved methods and treatments used by orthopaedic specialist novena. Minimally invasive surgeries have become a favorite tool for orthopedic surgeons, as they do not require too large incisions and blood loss, and also help the patient recover from the postoperative state very quickly. In addition, joint replacement surgeries have revolutionized the entire field of medicine, as now people who experience joint problems can replace them and lead a normal life again.

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