Effective Meditation Techniques with yoga teacher training singapore for a Healthy Mind

Everyone these days have a bustling life, be it teenagers or adults. Sad enough, this problem is seen more in teenagers due their changing and misbalanced life. They prefersolitude over socializing. This urges them to lose focus and concentration and gain stress and depression. Well, there are more effective ways to treat these mental problems without having to go to a psychiatrist. Meditation is amethod which has been practised for centuries and is recommended to gain concentration and focus.

Simple Meditation techniques with yoga teacher training singapore plays an important role in regaining and relaxing senses. It truly makes aware of the understanding of one’s self and connection to other living beings. Mindfulness is one of the delicate attributes which is acquired after practicing meditation.

What can meditation do for you?

Studies have confirmed it to be a stressbuster and the perfect treatment to cure depression. Studies have also proven that people engaged in practising meditation frequently and regularly are more focused and concentrated in their lives. So, here’s how you can perform thesecathartic exercises.

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Intensive meditation

Well, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. This way of meditating directs on developing focus on solitary objects like sound, breathing and any objects in general.

You can use these 3 simple meditation techniques to increase focus and concentration

  • Focused
  • Open
  • Mindfulness

Focused meditation: This is an ultimate stress reliever. No medicines, no alcohol, all it requires you do is get comfortable and sit at a quiet place. This involves focusing on a single object and maintaining inner peace while being in the present. Here, you can focus on any solitary factors like smell, sound etc.

Open meditation: Contrary to focused meditation, open meditation involves focusing on everything that happens around you. This incorporates the 3A’s in you which are alertness, awareness and attentiveness.

Mindfulness meditation: This teaches you to slow down in this fast progressing world. It also teaches you to let go of negative thoughts and calm your mind and body. It involves focusing on breathing (inhaling and exhaling). It also involves chanting Mantras to increase focus. This can also be referred to as meditation for concentration.

Conclusively, it is important to give some time to your 24*7 working mind. Some people tend to ignore mental exhaustion which affects them in long term like depression and mental fatigue. Mental health is as important as physical health. Let’s use these simple meditating techniques and give our mind the peace it deserves.

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